We took the Castle

Our urgency was there. The plan worked and we took the castle. It does not really seem like we could have, especially since the deck was stacked against us. We fought and we killed and we pushed our way in. There was death, and pain, and hard choices made (one that hurt my Master.) But, through the pain and the blood and the combat we persevered and won.

That said, it turns out they did not really have a problem with us. They were here to stop the horror in the Black Forest.

Hmm. That was. Unfortunate. (happily they cured us of the Ray-Di-A-Tion! So that was good.)

The castle is ours. Hurray? Our troops head here now and we will be able to rule the land and build for a brighter tomorrow. But, of course, we also could have just swung by and had a chat.

Live and Learn!

The Creatures from Another Plane (once we started to chat with them) were interested in my particular background and took some powerful magic (spit and flesh) to deal with the Thing In The Forest. The spell was called De-en-ay, or a component… I am not sure which.

The Seigebreaker wants to head into the Djini Lands to get right at the Emporer. The Lizard (maybe) is ready to grow his pack, the Gnome… well I do not know where she wants to go from here.

I have a debt to pay. An army to build and a land to free, for my old friend (sure he was mercurial –but he WAS a human and he tried to save my lands in the end.) I will build the Orc Legion, assemble the Armies, travel to the Djini Lands to find Ancient Magics, travel the Lands to find Ally’s against the blight to the North and descend upon Caithness to reinstall the true Royal Family… and in so doing, shatter the Empire, Cleanse the Black Forest and rid this World of it’s Demon Master and one particularly odious half-orc.

Also, I will buy some new clothes. And grab a knosh.

Then, the Empire Will Burn!



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