The WhiteSnake Manifesto

The inherent dignity and equal rights of all demi-human life is the foundation of justice and freedom on Yrth.

I. All demi-human life is equal and will enjoy equal rights under our law

II. Magic is a Core Right of all demi-humans and will be free to learn, practice and employ – so far as it does no illegal harm to others, civilization or the fundament of reality

III. Over the past centuries, demi-human life has been largely oppressed – a renaissance of these cultures will be our focus until reparations are satisfied – these include the races of lizard-folk, halflings, gnomes, orcs, elves – as well as oppressed humans including, Jews, Protestants, Gypsies and Oppressed Peoples everywhere

IV. Influences from beyond our plane that have infected our World shall be fought until they are extinguished, completely

V. One of Glories of Yrth was the Great Forests; the remnants will be protected, nurtured and regrown, being allowed to expand. Managed forests will be grown and harvested for those peoples who require the use of Wood.



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