The Wealth and Power of the Ancient Nations

(Keep or destroy)

The desert is long and difficult.

The Orcs are hard to control (but getting easier – I suspect this Elf / Orc issue is simply speicism, like the humans hatred of other skin tones or the Orcs hatred of other clans.)

We are preparing to move out, enter the OrcLands and begin our assault on the Castle. The party is ready and I am excited to return to Mana filled lands, for good or for ill. It’s felt like a piece of me has been missing now for months and months.

Before I leave though I want to record my thoughts about the destruction of a major artifact. We searched for and found a major, world changing artifact (the one that helped cause the Banestorm.)

It could have helped us take Castle Defiant. Helped me rebuild the Elven Nations to Greatness. Helped push back the Thing in the Forest. Just helped.

Instead we broke them down into PowerStones (and looted a lot of the building). Better to take that power away, it clearly corrupts.

But so much potential to help… ah well… to the Castle.



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