Everything Old is New Again

Do all creatures act younger the closer they get to their parent figure?

My Master – Villenshin’ lec-tra ’nel – is close. He is the mind controlling (or being controlled by) the entity in the Castle.

We crossed the river and traveled for day, finally getting to a (mostly) human settlement. (We left my assassin behind to mind the Orc troops.) We met and helped some human ferrymen (the gnome fixed the younger one’s polio and then healed the mouth of the elder) and chatted with their Lizard Men workers.

When we got to town I reverted to my need to help improve the plight of the humans. We fixed up an in (horribly noticeably) and healed the populace (there was dangerous red mold throughout the whole town). It was like I was back in Caithness, helping the downtrodden out of some need (to be loved? respected? something else?)

Of course some local mages were aware and came to fetch us to the castle. This offended me mortally and I tried to tree on of them. This did not work as they had some real powers of their own. We talked, the situation seemed to de-escalate. But as they left I got that near human rage that followed me through Caithness in the early years, so I turned one of them to stone. Then, I went with the Lizards and destroyed the guards in the town with a Hail of Stones.

It’s like I was acting out knowing a difficult situation was near (seeing my, for all intensive purposes, father and knowing he would not be well.) Now I have committed us to a path of direct confrontation (or at least direct contact) that I pray to the Eternal will not cause my friends harm.

(You know, I do think they are friends.)

Am I just acting out? Do I sense the End? Am I just scared to see what has happened. I write this with great trepidation. Its’ off to see the Master.



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