A Savage and a Curiosity

An incredibly brief chat with a City Elf

I am reasonably sure that we each thought the other was the Savage.

I met a City Elf(?), a Gold Elf(?), and Elf that had Left The Forest, Ate Other Entities and Lives as Human. (This from me, a Elf who is fascinated by them, lives among them, counts them as his friends, but who could never fathom devouring another creature or using wood that had not been offered by the Forest.)

We went to an Inn in “Elf-Town” and met some Elfs from the West, Elf’s whose clothing made mind appear as plain as humans appear to us in the Great Wood. He mistook me for an Elf from further West (he definitely had disdain in his voice when he thought this.) When he discovered I was from the Great Forest, I became a Curiosity.

The younger me would have never put up with his absurd attitude, but as I looked into his gaze, I realized I was looking at a creature who I was related to, but who I did not understand at all. Someone thousands of years old. How do I begin to relate to that length of lifespan? I suppose by the time I reach 1000 years (if I am so lucky) and I have seen generation after generation of humans live and die, empires rise and fall and those I love die and come alive again in their descendants. Perhaps then I will be able to relate to this creature…. at least that was my thought as we had a fscinating discussion that included Theology (his God versus the Eternal, (he suggested that my religion was a primitive reaction to the real reaction that grew up after the Banestorm), Cosmology (the greater reality of the Mutliverse), Fashion (why their Magic is much more realized) and then Love, Lust and Obsession…

He didn’t realize that he was talking about Obsession, but I did. Suddenly I could relate to him. This ennui filled, intelligent, disinterested creature – whose race had disdain for his own traditions, who did not care that he ate other entities. This one, who almost seduced me with his dapper nonchalance, he who had lived for thousands of years, he was still obsessed over a girl who did not want him. She wanted something else, not him. And he would not admit it. I can relate to this pettiness. I can relate to this impulse. I can relate to this level of personal denial.
It is now my thesis that we cannot live our long, eternal lives, without a deep, meaningful and magical connection to an even more Elemental and Eternal Force, Nature Herself._

He told us she was taken by Slavers, a Dwarf. It was clear that this was Self-Deception that only an Eternal Entity could tell himself. One that never had to face the harsh reality of quick Death, so could afford to lie to himself without the bill ever coming due. A Human or Orc does not have that luxury. Even if they never deal with their own Deceptions, they have to live with them. It’s not Free the way it is for an unconnected Eternal.

We agreed to go see if she needed rescuing. Before I sound like I have disdain for them, let me clarify. I was happy to see that after thousands of years, basic emotions and lusts and loves lived on. I felt sorry for the individual, but ecstatic that this could survive.

Also any race who could make such clothing was surely beloved in this Grand Multiverse, so I put in a very large order! I am excited to be the best dressed Elf in the East.

We traveled North and found the Slavers Camp. We fought them, the Lizards and the Gnome are able fighters and my spells helped turn the day. (Although an arrow right across my cheek startled me awake and reminded me that we all can lose this precious gift of Live, Eternal or no!)

There we met the Female. The Point of Attraction. An even older Elf with a level of Magnificence that I have never encountered. She near drove me to Despair. She cared nothing for life, held Slaves and would do anything to Feel… I thought. In fact, all she craved was Death.

After the combat, we talked, and we discovered her Perversions (not any one practice – but her genuine loss of Love for Life) and bartered against them. By the end, we agreed that the Lizard would End Her if she helped us. She gave us her young Lizards, and although our Lizard was reluctant to take the young, he ended up agreeing.

I am so pleased. He will make an amazing Chief and will have saved 8 Souls from the Damnation of Slavery.

We summoned our troops, they head up to join us at the (now old Slavers hideout) – but, Oh, By the Eternal, if there is one Fate to Guard against. It is the Destruction of a Soul that I see in that poor Eternal Elf’s eyes…

(The human, Seigebreaker, he likes to stay in his Cups. Amazing man, but such a heavy drinker… I worry for him.)

Now, to take the Castle, raise some Lizards and save the town!



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