M'tan Eglentrans Ti'al Qu'i'ntis

An Elven Mage, Master of the School of Plants


ST: 8
DX: 10
IQ: 16
HT: 10

HP: 10
Will: 14
Per: 12
FP: 10

Basic Lift: 13
Basic Speed: 5
Damage: Thr: 1d-3
Damage: Sw: 1d-2
Basic Move: 5


M’tan grew up deep in the Great Forest, a member of the typically insular Qu’i’ntis Tribe.

His aptitude for Magery became quickly evident as was his perchant for all things living. He lived happily among his communal tribe, enjoying the horror stories of Orcs and Humans and Dwarfs.

As he grew into young adulthood he met his soon to be Master, Rangyl Berethryl. A Mage of no small ability who taught him all he could learn. His Master didn’t stay with him long, only 20 years or so, then travelled into the human lands.

Some years passed, M’tan, grew in his ability, learning everything he could of the College of Plants. Then, horrible news. His Master had been killed, or went missing in the Human lands.

M’tan, having never truly believed in Humans, decided to go meet them, and if possible, find out what had become of his beloved Master.

So he left the Great Forest.

Years after leaving he has made a name for himself among the humans of Caithness and rules over some of them in reward for his service to the land.

Along the way he has made powerful enemies of many humans as well.

Now he attempts to influence events, while growing into his elven heritage, all the while trying to save the Great Forest.

M'tan Eglentrans Ti'al Qu'i'ntis

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