The Long Walk

crossing the desert...

I have saved a bottle.

It is the finest pear wine, the pears are difficult to grow in the great forest and the fruit takes years to mature. To keep the effervescent sweetness, oh so subtle, and have it infused with sparkling water, with the slightest taste of home.

I also have a rosé, bubbly again, I do like bubbles, that I was going to cultivate on my lands. The first crop came in before I was rudely dispossessed and I was able to hold onto a bottle.

I will sit and enjoy these drinks shortly.

Before we left I sat and my mind and thoughts coalesced and I understood how the tree cities were made. I wrote it down, and gave it to the People. I also told them of my adventures and the horror in the northern forest. (As well as the Evil role they tried to seduce me into.)

Some of the People will stay and fight, some will build new cities, some will flee to other-Yrth…

I will sit and enjoy my wines, annotate my book and gather my thoughts… because soon we head into this abandoned city in the desert, that is not so abandoned anymore.

If I do not survive I will be saddened that the Providence of Qunitas will not have a silent protector, that my Master will not soon be saved and that my friends will be left alone. I will miss the long life that could avwait… But i will have written my book, enjoyed my wine and be prepared for what is to come.

I dearly love this life, but now we go to challenge the Orcs and life is not certain.

I will enjoy this wine.



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