Our Band

in which M'tan refers to himself in the third person for, hopefully, the final time

Well, this has been a time.

My “adventures” in Caithness (as least as a member of the royals) has come to an end and I’m better for it.

I was so angry at the King and my companions that I was not one of them. Then I was angry that since I was not one of them they did not respect me. In fact, when I pause and reflect (a newer attempt for me, I fully admit) I realize two things.

First, they did amazingly with me. Their backgrounds scream that they reject me, an alien creature with what they would consider to Devil powers, on site and yet for years they accepted me. Even at the very end, the King did right by me in his way and ousted the Slaver (By the Eternal it is sad that my friend went down that path… nothing is lower than slavery.) and left my haven for demi-humans, up to and including the addition of my “son” inheriting the land of Quintus.

Second, I still love them. Their passion and urgency is everything I wanted from my own people and did not get. For ill or wise, I will always work to help Caithness and keep her free for the hated Empire.

I have met wonderful new companions! A Lizard Man Gladiator, what an amazing person he seems to be. I am lucky to travel with him. Also, a Gnomish diplomat, she also brings amazing skills, personality and integrity to her work. As the humans say, one door closes another opens. I am excited to see more of this world. We are to cross the ocean of Magic dead sand! While I will be like an infant I am so excited to see this! As I’ve written before, growing up I did not believe in humans… but the thought of a Magic Dead ocean of sand was the highest flight of fancy I could imagine.

Already we have had some adventures, we traveled for months to the South to discover why some Lizard Men were invading. It turns our the huge Orc migration of a thousand years is upon us. Now we must decide whether to warn the humans or not (my elven brethren say no, but I know that will do all I can to help Caithness.)

There was an assassin who tried to kill me, that my companions dealt with. After being beaten in tough combat I accepted his surrender and traded his life for a period of loyal service. I know and regret that his caused the Great Lizard distress. We shall see, but life is s short (even for elves – when they actually live it) and I would rather trust and love, then always assume the worst, even of my assassin. (Mind you, I am not a complete fool and I will keep my magic on him until we are all sure as a group.

Next, warn Caithness, cross the desert to find the Great Lizard’s homeland and push on to the Castle to liberate it and find my Master, Lluesetriene R’taktal Daarangelikine.

(Note: some credit my Master with a difficult exuberance for abandoning me – while that may be true, I suspect the urgency was so great for the survival of us all that he had to go. And knowing what I know now, I believe that he could live yet, hidden in a plant.)



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