M'tan's Travel's - entry the nineteenth

My language is rough as we just finished battle..

Carthage and Erdolliel go intothe Dark forest to find a plant

An hour in, there’s a wave of terror

Grizelda arrives

the Elven huntsman from Lord Wallace sent Grizelda

another wonderful Breakfast from Fuzzy top

Grizelda offers fruitcake

I have a dream see great arbor – nearing the Great Arbor

Noon – Erdolliel comes back with a Melon Fruit, Carthage was attacked and dragged off. Carthage captured, horse dead.

Paste of Melon into my mouth – disease disappears – wake up, anxiety flows over – meet Elf woman – She’s a Dark Elf.

I awken to my friends and…Erdolliel – gal elf who’s kinda creepy and into me

I dreamt of “The Great Arbor”

I see the Dark Forest but can detect no plantsNo plants

Do I go to the Great Arbor?

Daniel is the Guide – he passes out – feed him more of the fruit.

Ox don’t like it Aziz wants us me to take the Elf.

Thrown Mace at the Elf – contact!

Everyone jumps on her. Shield on Grizelda. Grizelda is, as the humans say, Awesome!

Two hits is amazing.

She’s unconsious! Fuzzy stabilizes her. Covers her eyes.

Build a wall to hide behind.

ARanion – bald elf, well dressed leather, True Defenders of Caithness – it is – 40 years ago the forest Defenders of the Shaded Woodlands. A real Dark Elf

The Great Froest – Elfs of Silvaria – Wise Owls

Helif – tribe The Defenders – critical growth.

Got to Hyrnan – built bunker

Meet with the Elf again – he lets us know there’s growth in Caithness – go talk to leadership Hyrnan

Fuzzy is concerned about visiting

Meet Ox – wants food

Head out at 6AM – New Wall -

Commander Goodbody – GAte Guard helps.

Go into town – Secretary – whisper Caithness – jokes about us

Asks us to sit

Sgt. Tiberius – nice meeting – invite to hole

Fuzzy explains the story.

Commander for all bonds with

2 hours lunch – then 2nd lunch – then desert lunch

Asexual great bonding with Fuzzy and the Sgt.

Commander goes to meeting.

Ship to Raphael – Intro to folks in Raphael – Bay to Conn – 15 days

evening in Raphael

wear leathers

dock area Aziz finds Rapscallion – 100 men – 15 men

Negotiates – 100f X 15d =

100 Caithnes troops

100 mulisms

all earth are dead.

100 troops

Leaderdship – troops get land pay troops

Scout to Harkwood – Tell the Truth to Harkwook

Get to PHoudius

see knights on the way – on the stone good,

Battle of Oakwood, won decisively.

Lost 15 in battle – won

Forces agree.

Scout comes with message from Harwood

I say Go.

300 elven troops.

Aziz and M’tan fortify Oakwood

Crow from the Blackwoods – discovered a program of alteration / transformation – dark elfes enslaved transformed into beasts in service of The Great Arbor – any Captured Slaves in Donlias MUST DIE.

In Oakwood – I find Caverns – Caverns with halflings beings turned into strange flabby beasts – humans turned into abominations of War Horses – i suspect from the Crow from the Blackwoods, that they may be using those people as transformations.

Send message to King



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