LoadOut Manager

When you print your character out, your basic move is calculated by how much equipment you have in your inventory. See how the “Heavy” row is in bold below? This is because the GCA thinks the character is carrying ALL of her equipment. Encumbrance

Let’s say our little halfling friend is only going out for a day hike to check on her animal traps. To how quickly she can run when those wild boars start chasing her, we’ll use the load-out manager.

Go to the “View” menu, and choose “Load-out Manager” Load-out Manager

This brings up the load-out manager, where all of her equipment is listed. We’ll want to create a new load-out called “Day Hike” New Load-Out

Then, she just goes through and checks for the stuff she’s bringing on her hike. The load-out “Day Hike” is saved and she can choose it again for future hikes. She could also create load-outs for Combat or for when she drops her backpack to fight, etc. Day Hike

Notice at the bottom of the window she must select the load-out so it shows up on her character sheet.

Below is the resulting encumbrance level after choosing her equipment. It’s a lot better than being heavily encumbered! Medium Encumbrance

LoadOut Manager

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