Act in the Defense of Caithness

prepared by Lord William of Wallace

  1. The hiring of external mages to construct a natural defensive barrier against Orcish and Lizard Man intrusions into the areas of Western Caithness and the Great Forest, preferably Elves due to their knowledge in this area, compensation to be towards land grants versus payment
  2. The hiring of engineers to build a fortified defensive wall in the North and East of Caithness to halt or deter potential invaders from the East
  3. The restatement that all Lands in Caithness, including those newly created, are subject to the authority of the King and his agents the Knights of Stone. As is traditional in Caithness this applies to all landholders in the Kingdom
  4. The establishment of a new Knights of Stone stronghold in the holding of Oakwood to help in the defense against the recent horrors there and to reassure citizens that this holding is strongly protected and good for business
  5. The formation of an Orcish Expeditionary Force, to infiltrate, gather martial intelligence and report it back to this Parliament, the Knights of Stone and the King.
  6. An immediate and purposeful increase in the production of hard weaponry, for the purposes of defense both martial and economic.

Initial Supporters;
Lord William of Wallace – Wallace
Lord M’tan Eglentrans Ti’al Qu’i’ntis – Quintus
Lord Fenmarc – Harkwood
Lord Michael Brance – Oakwood
The Representative of the Knights of the Stone – One vote (No PC link!)



Act in the Defense of Caithness

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