M'tan's Travel's - entry the thriteeth

I am utterly unfair. Why do I judge others by my own standards? By Elven standards? I travel among them. Live among them. Love among them. And yet I forget I am not them.

Slaves. A human I thought of as a brother did not bat an eye at dwarven slaves. His fault? No. Mine. I just assumed that he loathed slavery as did I. He often ranted about “white skins” enslaving his people. So I assumed he was being literal. When confronted with the slavery issue, I realized I would get nowhere with him, because he immediately made my objections a racial issue. Everything I said was negated because of his perceptions of my “eternal” life.(not that in the 5 years we have lived together he has ever asked about anything Elven… honestly, not even once. I have had him to honored dinners, built him homes, grew a town for him – all the gift of Elven knowledge – given freely by me, mind you – but he automatically assumed some strange supernatural way that I lived. That Elf’s existed in time differently that he did.) He often positioned himself as the victim, but this was the first time I found it unconscionable.

In short, the dwarf’s showed up. Their workforce was slaves. He accepted it whereI utterly refused. We had recently had a disagreement about how to manage the land, wherein he wanted to cut the trees…and he (momentarily) convinced me that this was a wise idea somehow, clever fellow!

The part that hurt so badly is that after everything I had done with and for him; read: town building (in a low Mana area, that is pretty difficult) and lending my prestige to his unappealing Muslim personality / saving him from the Inquisition by getting him the necklace / just plain being his friend. After all that, he tried to manage me, through lies. We survived the Inquisition together, We have fought, side by side. I makes me unbearably sad.

So I closed my boarders. I grow my trees. The knight with her warhorse (we were in a massive battle earlier in Hallmutt, which I will leave to another to recount) has decided to live with me. I’ve cut off my partnership with Joshua Tariq Aziz and instead I’m inwardly focused.

(In the earlier battle, around the fountain, everyone did great, but the knight was amazing, and my spells – arboreal internment was fucking awesome!!! I got to use it… twice!

I determined that I was wrong to have expected him to be more than what he, personally, is. He has his customs and mores, and they might not be mine. Nevertheless, the tress grow and I shan’t help “his” town anymore. (Okay, we both made it together, but it WAS my magic.)

I will not stand by Slavers.


Was interrupted during my last entry…

A ruckus started near the quarry regarding slaves


A new city is born today. I named in honor of my father and my family and will forever be remembered in this world.

My hope is that it will be built in the style of my father’s technique, at least as far as I can gather from his writings.

Azizabad shall be a shining light of knowledge and the beauty of nature

M'tan's travels - entry the twelfth

We travel to the site and review it. On this trip I was completing the paving between Wallace, Azizabad and M’tan’s Forest and on the way up, a dwarf show me a better way to pave roads, letting the rainwater drain away from the surface, it was greatly appreciated. During the evening Fuzzytop Pathtreader becomes very close friends with Thistle a dwarf interested in fun and eating. fountain, which is a high compliment coming from a Dwarf to an Elf! The Dwarf’s were impressed by my We make the deal with the Dwarfs. They’ll set up the mine and run it. The profits will split as follows:

Year 1: 70% them 30% us

Year 2: 60% them 40% us

Year 3: 50% them 50% us

Year 4: 40% them 60% us

Year 5: 30% them 70% us

Year 6: 30% them 70% us

Year 7: 30% them 70% us

Year 8: 30% them 70% us

Year 9: 30% them 70% us

They leave, to return 1 year and 1 month later, when they will begin work. We are responsible for building the limestone business.

We meet with Lady Wallace, Bailiff of Wallace to get her thoughts on building immigration, she asks we not recruit from the town (we tell her the 4 instances we did;

Ben, Sheriff of Azizabad – the young sheriff, Ally of Joshua and M’tan – brother of Jason

Jason, Warden of the Wood – the young warden of the wood, Ally of M’tan – brother of Ben

Bob Blacksmith – Young Journeyman, son of blacksmith of Wallace

Maria – Serf, Cook of M’tan, also her daughter

The Lady Wallace, Bailiff of Wallace was fine with that, as long as we stopped. She offered to send us letters to her contacts, which she did. Later that night I met a traveling bard who I paid to take a letter requesting immigrants from the Great Forest. Both letters request that immigrants showed up a year and a month later… (or in just 2 weeks!) The Lady also let me know that the Goblin Magus would soon be retiring and that the Lord would consider me for his position. What better way to influence the protection of the Forest.

As that previous entry indicated, we took a year to grow the Village and then my Tree City. I only heard tales of them, so I hope I did it right. The center tree is 425 feet, the middle ring trees are 375 feet and the outer ring trees are 300 feet tall. The trunks are 60 feet wide. Because of the spells I cast, these trees will be able to grow 3 times their maximum height (which they are currently at) – so in years to come the trees height will be 1,275 feet, the middle ring will be 1,125 feet and the outer ring will be 900 feet. Their are two levels under the covering of the trees. The lower level is grown to replicate fields, with food being grown here as well. Hopefully I can attract a Centaur sage to this area. The middle level is where the residents of the tree will live and love. When you get to the canopy levels, the Outer Ring will house defenses and communal areas, the middle ring will have shops, an inn, a Magus University and an art center. The top level houses my tower (a 100 foot tall version of my bush in Wallace) and a chapel (all naturally grown.) These structures are grown, but unoccupied (except my tower, by me.)

We have just completed the growing, Joshua Tariq Aziz and I return to town, where we will discover if any immigrants or messages are waiting for us. We hope to visit with the Lord and the Lady and to find news about the Civil War. (I need to know if I should build a wall!)

Letter from M'tan

(A letter was sent from M’tan to his tribe in the Deep Forest. A wandering bard took half payment to deliver it. He equipped him with a letter of safe passage. It is written in Elvish. (calligraphy default roll made by 4) It is a request for immigrants. Just like the letter from Lady Wallace, Bailiff of Wallace ) this invites people to show up a year and a day after the writing of the letter.)

Well met, my tribe, Ti’al Qu’i’ntis.

This letter is from your wandering son, M’tan Eglentrans. I hope the years have been kind since last I say you, and the Great Forest.

Although I did not leave long ago, only a handful of years, I believe I have grown in both wisdom, and more importantly, understanding my love of the Great Forest.

Humans are real! And they are everywhere. Sadly, the manner in which they live is not conducive to the life of the Forest. When I left I, shamefully, was filled with anger and rage that our mother, the Eternal Forest had been compromised and we seemed to be doing nothing to stop it. Also, it initially seemed to me that the humans were just as bad as the hated Orcs, raping the Earth with no caring for things living. Tearing down the forest to build man-caves with and, the legends were true, burning it for heat during the winter months. Not even the dead fallen trees, they actually cut down living, healthy trees…

I had adventures and grew to know the humans. Over time I realized they were fearful of us, and knew nothing of the power of the Land. I began to help them, growing crops, growing homes, enriching the wood and earth (I have learned some of the secrets of Earth now as well.) I learned their languages and their religion – with one great goal in mind, to regrow part of the great forest and teach humans to be the stewards of the Land. Maybe, should we someday disappear from Y’rth, and we have taken the time to teach them, they will protect the Forest as much as we do. In thanks of my service to them, they “gave” me a portion of land, which is mine to protect and populate.

To that end, I am seeking bold immigrants. People who love the Forest and who are willing to face the humans, live by their rules and their ways, for the express purpose of helping the forest. Specifically, I am seeking any elf (not Dark, mind…) who has the strength of purpose to live among them. In addition, I ask you to pass my request on to other of the Sylvan folk.

I would be happy to welcome:

Elfs – of any tribe

Centaurs – particularly sages who desire to study humans – to them I can provide a field in the sky – near the humans, but safely distant from them

Ellyllon – I would be honored if the Queen would consider sending some of her subjects to my realm, where in I would be happy to grow an Oak of truly noble proportions

Exalted Horse – Please let it be known among the Noble Equine that I would be honored to be considered for friendship and partnership in protecting the Wilds

Fauns – how can I protect the Forest without the assistance of the Passionate Fauns, a small family or families would be most welcome.

Giant – a friendly Giant who grow tired of the Forest would be welcome as well, I would be happy to build up a small mountain for you to call your own

Leprechauns – a small group of Leprechauns would be most welcome. In the roots of my trees are the homes for halflings, but in the roots themselves and entire village could live and grow. Also, the fine cloth you make would be very welcome.

Wildmen – I know how hard it is for the noble Wildmen to survive without Forests, I also know your trust in us runs deep. If a group of you needs more room, I would be happy for you to grow in this Forest

Unicorns – the forest area I have been given to protect is 1200 acres, so a Unicorn could make a good life here and help to grow the Forest

Dryads – I have grow 17 great trees, none who possess the soul of a Dryad, if there are those among you who have lost your trees, and yet somehow survive, please come, you will be welcomed

I invite you all to come and help this forest grow. I ask you to bring your patience with humans and your genuine desire to make the Forest larger and Y’rth a greater place to live.

To my tribe, I wish you the best and should you require or desire anything, please let me know by way of a return letter with this bard.

All my best, M’tan Eglentrans Ti’al Qu’i’ntis

Letter from Lady Wallace

Letters were sent to the rulers of the friendly lordships and to the major local trade centers; Photius and New Jerusalem. Upon the request of Aziz, a copy was sent to al-Wazif. These letters were not sent wide, but to the contacts ofLady Wallace, Bailiff of Wallace They requested possible Journeymen or surplus population with skills. Like the dwarfs, immigrants were asked to show up in the same time-frame. A year and a month after the writing of the letter. The positions requested were:






Old Clothes Merchant

Pastry Cook

Wine Merchant

Pot Makers


Purse Makers

Wood Seller

Magic Dealer


Beer Seller

Buckle Maker


Spice Merchant



Rope Maker


Rug Maker

Harness Maker

Hay Merchant

Cutter – hair cutter & surgeon

Glove Maker

Wood Carver




Tavern Master





Chandlers – candle makers

Mercers – general merchants

Needle Makers

Haberdashers – odds & ends



Water Carriers

Scabbard Makers

Chicken Butchers










and most importantly,

Farmers – Serfs

M'tan's travels - entry the eleventh

The halfling told the tale well, until she fell in into the sweet embrace of Sleep. After leaving Aziz’s land we travelled to mine, where I identified the area I will grow my tree city. I created and grew the initial sequoias. We discussed employment with the men and now we have our Sheriff and or Warden! Huzzah! Then we returned home to Wallace!

Of minor note, on the fountain in Tariqabad the inscription reads, “The towne of Tariqabad, property of Lord Wallace protected by Joshua Tariq Aziz Stonemason.”

Now, it’s time to build.

**A thick, red leather notebook part II**

The Personal Adventures of Halfling Scout and Brave Adventurer Fuzzytop Pathtreader

Woke early and broke fast with the Lord. He fed us heartily on hard boiled eggs, a scrumptious large ham, fresh bread with luscious bacon fat spread and thick, dark coffee. Somehow I managed to contain my hunger so as not to call attention to myself, but secretly I could have eaten the whole ham.

The Lord thanked us for helping track down the traitors. He is very concerned that the Hospitalers are involved. They sound like a nasty group. He offered to give us land in exchange for becoming his vassals. I’m not exactly sure what it means to be a vassal of a Lord, but it sounds like I would have to live among the tall folk and I don’t know that I would like that as an every day sort of thing.

Someone named Lord Drogo was announced and the Lord quickly left. He sent us to visit two knights in charge of fortifications.

I convinced Mr. M’tan to accompany me to the tent where I confided that I could heal his arm. Luckily, he had the power stone that I needed to cast the regeneration spell. His arm began to itch and tingle. In a month it will have grown back completely.

We then went to plan for the coming attack with the two knights. We decided to build a wall around the city. We would need the help of all citizens to build it as fast as possible. Mr. M’Tan used his magic to turn the Keep to iron.

I was so tired from all the healing and the planning that I decided to take a short nap.

The Battle of Orc Hill: Never in all my days have I seen so many orcs at once. We snuck up underneath them through the tunnels. Mr. M’tan used his magics to rain down stones on their heads above. I snuck outside and spotted the evil dwarves. They were commanding the orcs. M’tan cast his spells and their evil deeds ceased forever more. Hooray for defeat over the evils of this land.

The citizens of Wallace and their Lord honored us for saving the town from the orcs. The Lord offered many flattering gifts, but I prefer to keep to myself. Folks don’t tend to be as understanding if they learn too much about my past.

The orcs we fought in the great battle had vials around their necks. Upon close inspection, it was found to be a zombie potion. They intended to catapult the orcs over the walls and turn those dear folk of Wallace into zombies! The next morning, we returned to the battlefield to collect the vials from the corpses. The bottles remind me of my father saying that a group of heretics and necromancers in Lake Styx were known to make potions. However, in all my studies of the magics I have never heard of someone bottling a zombie spell. That sort of thing is too evil for this world and could tip the balance for all.

My dear Fafner has returned! Just before I met the human and the elf, Fafner and I were separated. I crossed an old rickety bridge that spanned a deep canyon. He started out behind me, but the wood began to crack and bend beneath his paws. We both feared the boards would give way beneath him so I sent him back to the other side. It took him a few weeks to find a way around, but I knew he would come back. He’s such a good dog. I missed him so.

When he found me, I was heading out to the Tolo house for dinner. As I hurried along the road from the Keep he tackled me and pinned me to the ground. A joyous greeting it was. He licked my face and breathed his doggy breath all over me. My eyes filled with tears of joy as I hugged him and praised the good Lord for helping him find his way back to me.

Fafner and I continued down the road to join Mr. Tolo and his wife for supper. It does feel nice to be among my own folk again. I felt at home in the cozy house filled with delicious smells. Mrs. Tolo’s marmalade thumbprints were my favorite. Fafner rather preferred the bones from our pork chops. After the meal we chatted around the table drinking ale and passing around M’Tan’s tobacco. Mr. Tolo overindulged and tipped over on to the floor. A lovely evening!

The Lord granted Mr. Aziz and Mr. M’Tan land as thanks for their great deeds in the Battle of Orc Hill. So, we set off to find those lands.

Along the way, we stopped in a general store owned by a dwarf. There we resupplied. I got some delicious dwarven jerky, which proved to be a tasty treat!

The tall folk talked to the merchant for a long time. He was very surprised to hear that dwarves were mixed up with orcs. I don’t blame him. Orcs are dirty, deceitful monsters. Once Mr. M’Tan told him that we were the heros of the Battle of Orc Hill and that he had turned the Keep in Wallace to iron, the dwarf began to see us with new eyes. He said that killing dwarves was normally a serious offense for the dwarf council, however they were interested in the elf’s magic. The dwarves have prided themselves on building the strongest keeps in the lands. The elf’s magic could aid them (and compete with them).

I am cautious in my dealings with dwarves. I have never found dwarves to be the friendliest of people. They tend to be gruff and enterprising. They don’t take the time to enjoy the wonders of the world. I fear that something evil is brewing between the dwarves and the orcs. Honestly, I don’t really trust them.

Mr. Aziz’s land was out near the desert. It is a large flat area, with good access to ground water. Mr. M’Tan and Mr. Aziz combined their powers to build a beautiful fountain and grassy square lined with redwood trees. Someday, this fountain will be the center of Turiqabad, a bustling town.

We hired some mercenaries in Wallace for additional protection. Mr. Jason and Mr. Ben are nice fellows. They were awestruck when they witnessed the amazing magics of Mr. M’Tan. He invited them to become the first citizens of Turiqabad, and offered them positions as the head of the guard. Mr. Aziz, being more skeptical in nature, suggested that they prove themselves before being named the head of his new guard. The mercenaries accepted his challenge, professing their loyalty and wondering at the magic powers the elf possesses.

Mr. Jason, then alerted us to an orc scout who had appeared on the road in the distance. When the orc reached the fountain, we attacked and killed him. The dirty beast was carrying several potions, including one that exploded as a fireball when thrown. Who is giving these potions to the orcs? I have never seen such magics made into potions. And orcs are certainly not intelligent enough to perform these alchemies themselves. Mr. M’Tan kept the potion for further study.

We were dirty and bloody from the battle and in dire need of a bath. Mr. M’Tan, not being the patient sort, decided to build a great bath complex right then. Mr. Aziz told him how to build a tepidarium, some fancy talk folk name for an artificial pond. Mr. M’Tan used his magics to move the earth into the shape of a large pool, and then turned it to stone.

They then debated various ways to heat the pond. There was no wood lying around, so the elf had to conjur up some bushes to burn. They waited for the water to heat up, but I quickly stripped off my dirty clothes and jumped into the water. The cool fresh water soothed my tired soul and washed the dirty orc and mud away. I splashed about with Fafner. We love swimming.

After our swim, I was very tired. The elf and the human wanted to continue on to Mr. M’Tan’s land. Fafner bent down and I climbed up on his back. I slept soundly as he carried me through the night to the elf’s new home.

M'tan's travels - entry the tenth
The night of double 3's

We went to War.

With the Orcs upon us, we decided to help. It was a much longer affair than we initially intended.

The Orcs were much, much more organized that we originally thought. They acted as if they were led by a General rather than the anarchistic behavior they usually engage in. I was going to help using spells, but the Orcs began lobbing diseased, burning carcasses across the town wall.

Joshua and I talked, initially the plan was for me to use my spells to dig out a tunnel wide enough for the city troops to head down. We quickly realized that this would not practical, as my health would give our far too quickly. Instead, using his engineering skills and my spell casting we began to tunnel. We were to go under the town and, theoretically, across the hill, coming up behind the troops to get vital intelligence about the Orc army. We set out across town when we ran into our first surprise, [[:Fat Ray | Fat Ray]] has a basement in his Inn with tunnels going all over town. Apparently his establishment is the hub of the local “Guild.” (Initially, in a state of paranoia, I thought the basement we stumbled into were Orchish sappers.

This is before I realized that a full size tunnel was a mistake, so when we got to his basement, we heard him through the dirt, so we ran all the way back through the tunnel we had built and went and talked with him directly. We disagreed about many things, but in the end, we promised we would not reveal his secret and we returned to our tunnel (this time through the wall.) This is when we determined that our, “full size tunnel” plan was a mistake. We then started building a small, narrow tunnel to get through the hill quicker. I used my spell craft to move the earth, then Joshua Tariq Aziz would determine where to support the tunnel, at which time I would reenforce the tunnel with spell stone.

We did this for quite some time, until, at long last, we got to the other side of the hill… or almost… we had just about come out directly inside enemy lines. He figured out how much further we had to go and we dug again. After another 100 yards we came up, concealed the entrance, using my Plant spells and took a look. What we saw, shocked us to the very core.

The Orcs were ten times the size we suspected. With catapults, good weapons and a Dwarf leading them. A Dwarf!!! They hate the Orcs?

We returned to the tunnel and desperately tried to think of another plan. We knew that if we did not act, this army would crush our adopted town. The plan we came up with was indeed desperate. Joshua Tariq Aziz mapped the area and I cast more spells. We were going to dig under the catapults and destroy them, swallow them up into large sinkholes. We thought if we did this it would cripple the army. Against our wall, the army stool no chance, it was only with the damnable catapults that they had any chance of breaching the wall.

Hours and hours went by, we took down, one, two, then three. By the end of the night we had destroyed all of the catapults and broken the resolve of the army. Orcs scattered like… well, Orcs. The army in Wallace saw this happening and were able to come out and reign down destruction on those that remained.

Joshua Tariq Aziz and I saved Wallace.

We returned and saw the destruction in Wallace (the Inn and all by it were gone.)

Fuzzytop Pathtreader had woken up, so we returned to the Iron Castle and she got out some food and beer. We sat and drank and ate and enjoyed our victory.


It seems Grandfather knew plenty about sapping and other combat techniques in mining.

This might come in handy with the orcs.

They seem to have learned some things about siege weapons, military science, necromancy and mining.

These orcs are a curious mix to the situation.


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