M'tan's travels - entry the seventh

So, onto it.

We were moved into the Keep after the combat.

I was feeling a bit put off with the removal of my arm, so I agreed with the suggestion that we all stay in the keep. The halfling Mage erected a tent in the Keep’s main area and invited me to attend her. At the time, I was unaware of Her Magus status and her desire to assist me. (see entry, the sixth) so I told her I would meet with her the next day and I went and sought solace with Elsa. She is a wonderful woman with whom I spent a part of the night, she then left after our cohngicil affair.

It turns our that was a good thing as the next morning Chamberlain Stevens came down and insisted that we attend the breaking of the morning fast with the Lord. I agreed, but requested to check the Bush first. The Chamberlain agreed, but only with me under escort, which, due to recent events, I was more than happy to agree to. After getting the guard together, we headed to the Bush.

They ransacked the Bush. The anger I felt at this was nothing like the misplaced anger I felt with the Humans. They Hurt something Living. Then I went to see my Guest. Dead. He was Murdered in the place I had promised him Sanctuary. I now owe a debt to his family. A debt I must pay. Damn them. The Guards were there, I brought them in and they were off to inform the Reeve.

The idiot ransackers were unfamiliar with Elven hiding places, so I was able to retrieve my money and some of my valuables.

They also destroyed my Garden. This was for them, for the wonderful mistreated Humans who are so appreciative to get some food that gives them nutrients. The destruction of the Garden (not my Garden, the Garden) wss the event that made me Join the Civil War.

I cast a Bless Plant on both the Bush and the Garden (in case I could not return)

The Guards went to Martin and I was instructed to attend the breaking of the Fast with the Lord and Lady. Which I did.

M'tan's travels - entry the sixth

(translated from the Elvish)

My arm is back and with it, my resolve to win the humans over through patience and persuasion.

First things first. The halfling has powerful magic. The ability to regrow a limb is, by not means, minor magic. She wishes it to remain a secret though. This is not a problem now, but could become so in the future. I can imagine a time when one of the humans needs a healing spell which they think I can provide. I will need to this with my fellow Magus further. She seems to hide behind a veneer of geniality and caricature. But no one learns that much of the Arts without serious study. Assuming we make it through the upcoming trial I’ll have to have that discussion with her. But I get ahead of myself.

When last I wrote it was with my left hand, due to the fact that my arm had been severed by a member of a knightly order. My entry was selfish and shallow. It expressed much of my disgust with Humanity in its basest form. What it showed was that I was still a young elf, full of anger and lacking in the wisdom I can, on infrequent occasion, posses. What is the important driving goal of my life? To help save the forest. There are two ways to go about that, to attempt to destroy the humans (this exact tactic is, if legends are correct, what brought them here in the first place, giving us the Banestorm) or join with them, and influence them using our strength (our unaging) to give us the opportunity to influence them on a generational scale. To do this, I have joined them. One small faction, in one small area. But in the short time I have been with them, I have already had to opportunity to influence them, and have grown a small part of the forest. I have even been able to be honest with them that this is my goal. As long as I keep my actual goals in mind, and remember that they are mortal creatures, my anger should remain in check.

Long ago, when my Master was alive, he warned me about living with humans. He thought that they could be wonderful to behold, but they tended to drive Elf’s a bit mad. He warned that unless me guarded against it, their quickness of thought would infect us, causing us to forget the very things which let us survive in the face of so many hostile races. I now know for certain that this is a true danger which I must vigilantly guard against. Mind you, his association with the humans seems to have cost him his life. Now that I have calmed myself, I can make pledges with sense and propriety.

I pledge to go to Castle Defiant, destroy the Orcish infestation (or make peace with them… perhaps that is the way) and find my Masters remains.

That is a good pledge. One with Truth and Substance behind it. And one without the Human urgency behind it. If my Master is dead, then immediacy does nothing for him. If he is not, then, as one of the most powerful Mages I have ever known, he will survive until I can arrive to help him (else his insistence that I become a Diviner be proved correct!)

But onto recent happenings. Months have passed and many things have transpired. What drove me to convert to the Christ’s religion? Why do I find myself aligned with a faction, truly? What drives me to spend my Talent here, and for these folk?

Friendship. I love these short lived people. The loss of my arm, along with the grievances far to much to retell against the other Humans of this tribe drive me to them. Plus, now that I know them (not that I will ever truly know them) I understand how difficult it was to accept me as much as they have. And here is what is important. I have done them great martial service. And, even when I (the Eternal, forfend) suggested removing some of the Forest for defense… they disagreed, knowing my passion for it. Perhaps I am being easily manipulated, but… even if I am, the Forest will live forever, I am but its servant.

I meander in my thoughts!!!

Sex is had! Murder stalks the Town! The King’s agents infest our town, destroyed the bush, the Garden and murdered my guest. These are a bit of the evil that struck!!!

**A thick, red leather notebook**

The Personal Adventures of Halfling Scout and Brave Adventurer Fuzzytop Pathtreader

After my father passed, I spent a great many years wandering about the woods outside of Marshall Town and Tacitus learning the arts of scouting and healing magic. Tall folk always want to talk about my father’s history as a man of the cloth, so I prefer the company of the birds and the trees in the great outdoors.

Recently, the King has been burning keeps and making life unpleasant for the folks in these parts. The tall folk are very upset and frightened. The violence is sending a chill of unrest across these pastoral lands.

The other day I had a chance meeting with an elf and a strange human who seems to be from a far off land. The elf is practiced in the arts of plant magery. The human is named Tariq Aziz Stonemason. He has a whispery voice and piercing blue eyes. They hired me to be their bodyguard and scout for 575 coppers per month plus room and board. I am happy to have work, but I’m not sure that a Halfling can protect them in this dangerous world.

The elf has some strong tobacco that he freely shares with me. I think it must be filled with some sort of elf magic. It made me sleep for 3 days.

When I awoke, Mr. M’tan and the Mr. Aziz were having dinner with another mage. He was practiced in the arts of earth magic. He asked a lot of questions about the King. He dined with us. He was very serious. When he was gone, we noticed that he had stolen the secret maps that Mr. Aziz had made showing the locations of the traps Mr. M’tan built to defend the city from the advances of the King.

We set out after him and followed his tracks which led to the church. We then realized that the earth mage was a spy for the King. Our hearts filled with betrayal, we sent Mr. Aziz to fetch the guards, while Mr. M’tan and I confronted them. The elf cast a spell blocking all the entrances to the church with vines. We then picked the lock and entered the church to get the maps back.

Mr. M’tan cast another spell trapping us inside the church with the earth mage, and a very scary tall person who was a knight of the church. The knight was very angry, and immediately attacked when Mr. M’tan demanded the maps. During the battle, the elf lost his arm and the knight escaped. Mr. Aziz then returned with the city guard and tried to chase him down, but could not best him once he caught him. We recovered the maps, but the knight got away. The knight now knows that this city is not friendly to the King. We expect invasion soon.

Instead of returning to the bush-home of the elf, we set up camp in the Keep for protection. I was so tired from the battle I immediately pitched my tent and crawled inside for a good night’s rest. Tomorrow will undoubtedly bring more danger.

M'tan's travels - entry the fifth

(translated from Elvish – very poorly written)

Healed by Fuzzytop Pathtreader

(illegible, due to blood stains.)

My arm is gone.

The scoundrel, hacked it off and left me to die. We got the priest and Corneilous ,at least!

I can not think properly. Too much pain and anger.

(illegible, due to poor handwriting)

The Catholic Church is filled with evil.

The most basic of all laws was broached. The Law of Hospitality.

(illegible, due to poor handwriting)

I must slow my writing. It is a new hand I use.

I have helped this miserable town. I’ve emptied my magic, in spite of the hardships and the dirt and the petty human filth. I’ve worked to build trust of the Elfs. A love of the trees. Food for their, “serfs.” I’ve worked for them (for a pittance of their money.)

They repay me by hatred. And taking my arm. I despise Christ and his Knights. I despise Human religion. I despise the, “Hospitallers.”

Immediately after my arm was hacked off by a “servant of God and the King.” After I, and my halfling friend and ill-born human saved the town. I thought to myself, I will covert to their religion to convince the humans that I am good. That I work for them.

This is weakness. This would have been a true mistake.

I have been out of the woods for a few of my 113 years and all I have seen is human darkness, calling itself the “Light.” It’s time I learn the truth of Elven goodness and Light, by embracing the Dark.

While I’ll always love and help the humans who call me friend. It’s ridiculously naive of me to assume the vermin who wiped away the Great Forest can be taught to see it’s beauty. No matter what happens in this Civil War, when the opportunity presents itself, I ride for the forest of the Dark Elves. There to learn more Magery to combat the humans scum.

Then I will return to punish those who took my arms. And if they are long dead, I will find their kin, and punish them. I will grow dark in the Dark Forest.

I will return to where the “King of Caithness’ Castle stands and I will grow a dark and deadly forest. It will grow on the bodies of the humans who hate, for hate’s sake.

The Catholics showed me that mindless hate is evil, but hate earned through other’s evil actions is a thing of rare beauty.

I tire. It is hard to write with this, one hand.

M'tan's travels - entry the fourth
A Friend and a dinner

(translated from the Elvish)

We seem to have made a friend! A taciturn, but productive mage named Corneilous has been helping Joshua Tariq Aziz and I with the fortifications.

We are preparing for the transmutation of the Keep, but we still had a few days to wait for the assembly of the ritual magic team when we learned that Corneilous an accomplished Earth Mage was in town and was assisting with the towns defenses. He was from the town of Phodious (I have no idea if I have spelled that correctly!) which pride’s itself on its extreme devotion.

For 3 days Corneilous dug out areas of earth, while Joshua Tariq Aziz determined the best places to defend and mapped them for the guards. During that time I grew moss over the tops of the pit, covered them with grass and then grew a lovely bunch of wildflowers over the whole ares. I grew lone yellow wildflowers, facing the town, to let the defenders know where the pits were.

We worked side by side for the time and, while discussion was sparse, it was interesting. Corneilous had many questions regarding the town, and had many questions about the Elf’s and the Civil War. While we discussed we discovered that he was on the move because he had inadvertently befriended a Necromancer (apparently a crime in the human lands, why do they seem to hate knowledge so?) and had to make a hasty exit! The Necromancer had claimed to be doing research, that’s how they fell in together.

Joshua Tariq Aziz invited Corneilous to dinner, which I thought a splendid idea, on the last day. I quickly contacted Maria who got to work preparing another of her wonderful meals. We discussed many things over dinner, notably lots of ecclesiastical talk about God and the Eternal. Corneilous mentioned the town priest’s membership in an order called the Hospitallers (I had not heard of them.) Apparently thy hate Elves and view them as spawn of Satan, due to their belief in the Eternal.

The dinner itself was marvelous, even Master Fuzzytop Pathtreader enjoyed it. We drank my Dwarven Ale, enjoyed human and elven food and finished the evening with big poofy brownies and some good smoke from the Great Forest. I bid Corneilous farewell and now I’m off to enjoy my smoke then head to bed!

(translated from the Elvish – scrawled)

By the Eternal, the plans to our town’s defenses are gone. Corneilous has violated the Law of Hospitality. We make chase. I’m not ready to fight.

(translated from Elvish – scrawled, as if written on the side of a building)

Not much time. Looked in the Church. Three of them. Corneilous, a Hospitaller Knight with a huge sword and another priest. I have grown entanglements all around the building. We’ve sent Joshua Tariq Aziz to rouse the guard and Fuzzytop Pathtreader and I will head in momentarily. I will grow the entanglement over the front as we go in, then I’ll confront him with his treachery. Hopefully, he will see the horrible offense he has committed and will return the plans (which I saw though the window!)

I will let him know that the guard is on his way, so they know to surrender!

(any remaining text is covered in blood)

M'tan's travels - entry the third
A year well spent

The Waterworks

After being soundly rejected by the Reive, Joshua and I got to planning.

Better not to wallow in defeat, but try to find another path to victory!

We got together what we thought would be a pretty comprehensive plan for our water project.

It consists of three sections; City Infrastructure, Defensive & Food Industry. The City Infrastructure section includes a Base Camp and Quarry, Running hot & cold water, a sewer system, the construction of an aqueduct and pressure mining. The Defensive section include a Moat and the ability to flood the surrounding plains, slowing down invading troops. The Food Industry section includes Mills along the aqueduct to produce breads (saving us from possible sieges), improved irrigation and a flooded area for growing of non-native plants.

We were putting together the presentation and we realized that we had no way to show these new ideas to the very nobles we hoped to gain the favor of. Luckily, we stumbled across a traveling artist who, after some negotiation, agreed to paint our concept sketches.

Joshua Tariq Aziz, after having planned the idea, discovered that he did not have the necessary skills to develop such a plan. It was interesting to see how quickly the humans want to move with projects and ideas. I suppose it’s a natural offshoot of their mortality, but it seems more akin to the orcs than anything civilized. We decided to take a year and improve ourselves.

A year well spent

During this year while he studied, I started my own Herbalist & Alchemist Shoppe. It is doing quite well. I ask people only to pay what they can and their generosity amazed me!

Also during the year I studied; forest management (to better grow the forest), my alchemy skills, also my herbalism, the Latin (written, I still can’t get my tongue around it!), I learned more and more about the Catholic religion and I worked to improve my Essential Wood spell. I was able to significantly improve my speech and lose most of my heavy Elven accent. My insights into the humans are a bit deeper now, I’m not as constantly surprised by everything that they do!

In the Lands here is what transpired

April – June – Animal Plague kills 60% of all animals

June – Granite mine discovered south west of the area (a quarry began construction)

July – A large drought, which we both helped with. It improved our relationship with the Reeve.

August – Murder most foul! (a guard murders and rapes a peasant’s wife – he’s hung by his neck until dead!)

September – Lord Wallace announces new vassal, a Landed Knight for the north.

October – Sir Titus Horatious loses his Keep!

November – a necromance is discovered, put to trial and escapes outside of a village to the North East of Wallace.

January 2006 – Lady Talia has border disputes with Richard Scrape.

March – a gold mine is discovered northwest in the desert (towards the foothills)

The Waterworks (part two)

He figured out what we will need! He got his plans together as well. Laborers – 100 Craftsmen – 50 Miners / excavators – 50 Guards – 25 General Labor – 25 Cooks – 10 Whores – 10 Teamsters – 10 Quarrymen – 20

The initial price – 50 million copper. We worked the number and brought is down to about 33 million. We had many talks about how my magic could help and we agreed to examine that more completely, but we think it could bring the price down to about 15 million.

We then went to speak with Master Thomas who suggested we speak with Brent Stonecutter, he advised that we let him know that we had already spoken with the Master who had briefed Lady Wallace, Bailiff of Wallace as he has a penchant for stealing ideas. Humans.

We returned home to plan, had a nice discussion with the artist and, as we were leaving the bush we met Fuzzytop Pathtreader. An adventurer looking for work, I decided to hire her after she mentioned that Marly had mentioned the site to her. I have to find out how many others he has mentioned this to. She had tales of the approaching army of the King.

Meeting with the town leadership

We then went to Brent Stonecutter, and told him our plans for the Waterworks. He let us know that while the plans seemed fine, the King’s army’s were days away and that the only work going on was defensive in nature, and very, very rushed. I let him know that I had spells that could turn the walls of the castle (stone) into iron. He got extremely interested and rushed us to the palace to speak with the Lord and Lady. Along the way, he requested that we not mention our Waterworks project.

When we got there I presented my idea to the Lord and the Lady. As a side note, the Lady is definitely functionally in charge. Back home, this would present no problem, here, it appears the facade of male rule, must remain intact. I discussed the possibility that I could change the castle (and a surrounding city wall, quickly constructed) to iron. She expressed disbelief at which I turned a section of the keep into iron. I explained how we could work on this problem in the short term and then I explained how the Waterworks could assist in improving the mining of the nearby gold, limestone and other precious metals. The Lord got bored and left while we explained further to the Lady.

The Lady let us know that if we were able to convert the castle (or at least survive the assault) we would reexamine the Waterworks issue. I then explained what I would require for a Ritual version of the spell (more casters, mana, people) and talked with her about timing. (If only I did not fatigue so quickly!) She said she had to plan and that I should return to my bush, prepare and be ready for her call. Which we did.

After we left it became apparent that Brent Stonecutter was extremely angry we brought up the Waterworks, after he had said he did not want us to. Sadly, he told Joshua Tariq Aziz that he would prevent him from working in the town again.

We return to the bush and I enjoy some medicinal smoke. At that point I see three robed priests entering the Keep hurriedly.

M'tan's travels - entry the second

(translated from the elvish)


The more time I spend among the humans to more becomes clearer and the more becomes muddled.

Why do they not clean themselves regularly? I insist on a full cleaning before I bed any of them! By the Eternal, they’ve got water!

The leaders seem to mainly treat the “free” workers as a resource to be exploited. What makes them so docile to accept this? Is it in their nature? Is it their god? I do not know, but it is passing strange.

Events in Town

Some items of news first, Master Thomas, the Steward to Lord Wallace, was acting as the Reive (the name of the office of the person who advises the Lord about what crops to plant, where to dispatch the plow teams and all things agricultural.)

Master Tom came to me to let me know that he would be traveling for the Lord. He seemed almost apologetic when he explained that a human would be taking of the post of Reive. He let me know that the newly appointed Reive, Martin, Reive of Wallace, was in town and would be in charge of my activities, specifically the growing of the rice I wanted to do. He also let me know that he had instructed the Reive to get in touch with me already, but that he was not surprised that he had not done so yet. Apparently Martin, Reive of Wallace might be a bit intimidated by elven folk (specifically a particular Plant Magus.) I assured Master Thomas that my only concern was helping to feed these good folk.

Master Thomas then proceeded to brief me on some of the other influential people in town. Specifically he let me know that the person in charge of the money (the human barter replacement) is Lady Wallace, Bailiff of Wallace.

Included in this discussion was the makeup of the region. He discussed the seven vassals of Lord Wallace and the political makeup of the realm, now that it was mired in a long term Civil War. He explained the huge amounts of acreage they each “own.” (I do not understand owning land.) He let me know that the Lord has a court magus who is a goblin! I’ve never me a goblin. That will be fun. (Sadly, he didn’t know what colleges the magus knew.)

We discussed our survey mission and he agreed to brief Lady Wallace, Bailiff of Wallace. He also let me know that the King’s Ranger, Barry H’ras, The Protector of the King’s Forest would be joining us as a guide, as well as Marly and Edward to act as our guide. We also discussed Elven politics to the South. Apparently there is some concern that Elf’s are becoming too commonplace and attempting to interfere in human politics in the region. I learn of Elven advisors to the South and let Thomas know that the tribe they are from cares only for the forest and would only have left it if it were threatened. (Which is was) I also let him know that if we helped with the forest, those elf’s would likely return. Apparently the vassalage that these Elf’s are influencing is neutral in the Civil War. I suggest that if we helped with the Forest, perhaps the Elf’s would return and the vassalage would swing to Lord Wallace.

When I learned that another elf was here I immediately asked where I could hire a cook. Master Thomas suggested I speak with James, Lord Wallace’s Chamberlain. I sought him out and asked for a reference to a cook, post haste! James was unable to help so I determined to look elsewhere. Among the friends I have made among the serfs.

Before leaving I stopped in to see my lover, Elsa, Head Chambermaid, we coupled then discussed who among the members of the Court were refugees from the Castle Defiant debacle, they include Master Thomas (brother to the Lord of Castle Defiant, Kerin) as well as James. What a horror to have to flee!

Surprise! When I returned to my home Joshua Tariq Aziz, the orcish sounding human with an apparent gift for measurements and all thing engineering asked to move in with me, and I agreed. (Mind you I grew him a separate room with it’s own entrance.)

I went to the serfs to find myself a cook. The name I kept hearing was Maria so I quickly went and hired her. She prepared a wonderful meal for myself, Joshua Tariq Aziz and Barry H’ras. During the course of the meal I learned about Barry and his deep love of the Forest, Joshua’s apparent distaste for women and Maria’s desire to give her daughter a better life. Later I spoke with Sergeant Sven Helsmein and paid him a gold bar to train her daughter to become a knight. Maria was well pleased! Maria also agreed to watch over my home while I was away. Mostly to make sure the children were getting enough fruit and vegetables.

The next day, Joshua Tariq Aziz, Barry H’ras, Sergeant Sven Helsmein, Edward and I were off! I reminded myself of the necessary steps for growing free rice for people now include doing the survey, asking the Reive’s permission and then getting the money from Lady Wallace, Bailiff of Wallace. These humans do love to overcomplicate things!

Events on the Journey

Day 1 – We travel 30 miles and I plant pocket trees, blessing them the whole way. Wonderful weather.

Day 2 – We travel 15 miles and then encounter the Boarder to The Great Desert. Horror. All Mana disappears. I thought Wallace was bad, with it’s low mana, this is Hellishly worse! We make another 5 miles, but that’s all I’m capable of.

Day 3 – Joshua Tariq Aziz wants to make a side trip, will not explain further other than to say there may be limestone, it doesn’t take us too far out of the way, so we all agree. We make 20 miles.

Day 4 – The second day of the side trip. Another 20 miles. We reach an area where a battle occurred. Weird relics from a Banestorm are scattered throughout the desert. Find an iron tube, take it. We discover this is where Joshua Tariq Aziz’s grandfather came through the Banestorm. We also find a large deposit of what appears to be limestone. We camp for the night.

Day 5 – We search further, finding 2 more iron tubes and 30 empty casings or cartridges. We unearth what appears to be a carriage from another world. Later in the day, we discover something unimaginable! What appears to be buried, intact building brought by the Banestorm! By the Eternal, this could advance my research stupendously! I get visibly excited, Barry H’ras wisely calms me, I pretend I made a mistake and the human guards do not seem interested. We all agree to not mark this on the map and return during the project.

Day 6 – 17 – We go about the business of the expedition, discovering foothills with a large basin which could be channelled to Wallace. It has just one valley to pipe through and could go underground from there. Also, there is an easy area in the Northeast area of the manor lands to flood. This would allow fresh water to the castle, the fields, the irrigation system and the serfs! Fantastic news!

The Disastrous Results

Upon my return I finally meet with Martin, Reive of Wallace who summarily dismisses the water works project and the idea of growing rice. I am subservient as I can be, but this does not move him. I magic him some rice for him to examine, which he claims he will consider, but I sincerely doubt it. I return to my hovel, discontent among this race which refuses good work to feed its own people.

Fuzzytop's Dreams

Each night I dream of a cozy supper back home. A long table, crowded with kinfolk and such. The table is set out with dishes spilling over with fruits and fresh breads and cheeses, piping hot meats falling off the bone, and mug after mug of ale. We sing songs and tell tales the whole night long. Some may say that I get a bit lost in this being as I have been known to wake them up singing our laughing in my sleep. But it’s a fine way to greet the sunshine each morning, I’ll tell ya.

M'tan's travels - entry the first

(translated from the elvish)

Random observations about the Humans

Humans are very smelly.

I knew leaving the forest would be a life altering event. I had heard the stories of the humans from my elders. I just could not believe the stories that I had heard. I don’t think I actually believed that they could really exist.

They seem to be a short lived, fat people who refuse to wipe filth off of themselves.

They appear to worship a god, similar to The Eternal, but with a punitive streak and a per chant for human women. He appears to have impregnated one of the women and then given birth to himself, or some strange half-god, half-human hybrid. It’s all very confusing and very odd. The humans calling themselves Christians seem to need Sunday to worship this man-god. They do this by drinking his blood and eating his flesh. They begin drinking wine and bread which they claim magically becomes the actual flesh and blood of their man god. What kind of race eats their own god’s son? Every week? Otherwise, they don’t seem to be cannibals, but I can not be sure yet.

Also, I dislike the facial hair both the men and the women seem to grow.

My travels

My desire to travel began when I learned about the Banestorm. Were we at fault? Who are the Dark Elfs?

My need to travel among the humans began in 1994. Starting in 1970 I had been under the training of my beloved Master, Rangyl Berethryl. Early in the 90’s my training was completed when I Mastered the Plant College of Magic.

After my Mastery, Rangyl decided to wander and he joined with a group of humans who were setting up an outpost in the Orc Lands, Castle Defiant. The castle withstood many trials and fought back many Orcish attacks. However, during the beginning of 1994, the settlers were at their breaking point, no longer able to hold against the Orcish hordes.

They appealed to the King of their land who said he would provide troops to help them. The King sent troops, but another noble from that land attacked the King’s land while he was away. It turns out the King was expecting trouble and his troops were immediately back to fight the insurrection.

This began a Civil War in the land know as Caithness. After the likely death of my Master, Rangyl, and my growing Mastery in the Plant College I decided it was time to set out. I left in the spring of 2004 and wandered until the Winter approached.

As Winter settled in I approached the town of Wallace. My thinking was to trade my services for a place to spend the winter. I was greeted at the gate by Marly and Sergeant Sven Helsmein. Marley requested some money to enter the town. It was my first exposure to “finances.” I had heard about money, but I had used or needed it.


I was met by Master Thomas, the right hand of Lord William of Wallace. I offered my services and he seemed pleased to have the assistance of a Mage. I worked for a week and busied myself bringing two more harvests in for the peasants. As well as growing a Bread Oak tree for Master Thomas. I should point out that Master Thomas speaks flawless Elvish and says he has spent significant time with the N’mar tribe.

After my extra harvests, they were ready to let me winter in the hovel and be on my way. I countered with an offer that I could help shore up the defenses, using the mysteries of the Essential Wood spell.

I spent the Winter helping the town of Wallace get ready for renewed hostilities and earned myself 8 silver bars and 100 pence for my trouble! I also spent the Winter answering farming questions and helping with the serf’s needs. (The humans divide themselves into different castes, very distasteful. It is tied up with the money concept, but I am not entirely clear how.

Also of note, on the “Sunday” work is not permitted. It’s the serfs only day of rest, so that makes some amount of sense.

Once weekly I take dinner with the Lord and important folks of Wallace Town.

In the Spring, after the preparations for the upcoming Civil War, I met a particularly interesting human, Joshua, he has the voice of an Orc, the smell of an Orc, the manners of an Orc and the apparent Engineering skill of an Ancient Dwarf.

I met him through the Masonic Guildmaster, they manage all engineering, stone masonry work etc. Over the Winter I came up with the idea of flooding a section of the Lord’s field’s with water and growing rice. I had a lot of explaining to do to explain what this exotic plant rice is, but I feel confident that rice, with some Engineering and Magical help will become a staple of the Humans here. Especially the Slaves, or Serfs. Same thing really.

The Masonic Master, |Jeff’s character| and myself are scheduled to go out on a reconniscance mission soon! It will be great fun.


My hosts have been kind, but they treat me like an idiotic child rather than an extremely powerful Mage in a Mana poor area. This counts against them.

The story they tell about the “betrayal” at Castle Defiance doesn’t really hold water for me. The fact that the Leader of this land is held in Ill regard for being sensible (i.e. holding troops back against an obviously mutinous vessel. (Is that the word? Vessel, vassal? To few vowels in this brutish language to differentiate properly.)

I might be on the wrong side of this Civil War.

However, the people of this town have been kind to, including their “Nobility”

I have seen nothing Noble about any of the “Nobility.” If anything the daily work and strength of the human slaves inspires me. Mortality and drudgery is Sad. I think I might try to teach them about Elven equality.

It is my idea, after watching this horrific disparity that the humans should take from each one of their own according to their ability. And they should then provide to each according to their need.

It is good that I came out of the forest.

I will learn more Magery.

I will help my Human brothers and sisters.

And I will make comrades out of the Oppressed humans. Their lives are so short, they deserve communal friendship.

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Every campaign gets an Adventure Log, a blog for your adventures!

While the wiki is great for organizing your campaign world, it’s not the best way to chronicle your adventures. For that purpose, you need a blog!

The Adventure Log will allow you to chronologically order the happenings of your campaign. It serves as the record of what has passed. After each gaming session, come to the Adventure Log and write up what happened. In time, it will grow into a great story!

Best of all, each Adventure Log post is also a wiki page! You can link back and forth with your wiki, characters, and so forth as you wish.

One final tip: Before you jump in and try to write up the entire history for your campaign, take a deep breath. Rather than spending days writing and getting exhausted, I would suggest writing a quick “Story So Far” with only a summary. Then, get back to gaming! Grow your Adventure Log over time, rather than all at once.


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