M'tan's travels - entry the fiftheenth


This was an decidedly busy rebellion. The Little Folk we decided to partner with turned out to be demon worshipping freaks. Thankfully Aziz and Fuzzytop found them out.

Aziz seemed surprised I was willing to take strong action against them (they’re the enemy!) We confronted the lady of the house, who completely denied everything – then when the gentleman returned, we confronted him… and we… solved that problem.

After attempting to reason with the wife she became part of the woodwork.

We fooled all the demonic halflings into an area and collapsed a building on them. We did our service to our King. Now, we’ve got to make this rebellion happen!

Good job from Aziz and Fuzzy!

Whiney Little Bitch

Progress is made in spite of my effeminate friend.

The danger he puts us in!

He is either an agent of Chaos and Entropy or is naive as a little girl.

I wonder if he has ever made any kind of sacrifice. Seems unlikely. I don’t believe he has ever had to suffer indignity, humility, oppression or any such struggle for mind and body.

Life feeds on life and sometimes, in order to bring justice and true freedom, there will be times of injustice, there will be death. The sooner he understands that we all must negotiate our principles, the sooner he’ll understand the way of the world.

M'tan's travels - entry the fourteenth

In service once more!

We continued to bicker, the Slaver and I, but my focus on the health of the forest remained foremost in my mind, so I mended what bridges I could with The Slaver. We are on talking terms at least. We have been good friends, so feigning interest in his wicked evil should be more important to threatening the health of the forest.

In September we met with Lord Sterling and, after learning of the political machinations occurring (It turns out that the Bastard Denerell was responsible for the Nightmare at Castle Defiance, not the King.) So we were on the wrong side. Luckily, our Sovereign rebelled out of belief, not political nonsense, so a remedy is possible!

Lord Wallace was looking for agents to cause disruption and I quickly volunteered us to go to Oakwood (I will embed the bastard who killed my Master in a tree AND keep him alive for centuries) Lord Wallace seemed truly moved that “we” would be so noble. [[:The Slaver|The Slaver]] agreed to help, in his horrifically mercenary way. I wonder if I should continue to count him as a friend? Dinner was had, (as well as the sex!) and it was good to see everyone in the town. The serfs were given a holiday and I was ecstatic to see them. I repaired the bush, re-grew the garden and (hopefully to their surprise) gave them another harvest! May they be healthy and full!

We returned to our homes and minded our lands through the month of October. On the 20th we returned to Sterling for the Moot. Then we arranged for people to watch over our lands.

The we travelled.

Overland. Trying to beat the weather. We rode horses. Fought. Travelled. Fought.

I was reminded why my friends, The Slaver included, are my friends. We fight at each other’s side. I begin (maybe) to understand why humans seems to have friends that serve different roles. It’s a very different society than my, all-inclusive world. In my world, we are tribe, which always lives together, lives, loves, dies, imagines, works, cries, eats, shits, dances, and does everything together – always. Here, there are “degrees” of friendship. Almost “levels.”

I digress. We got there, after battles, before the winter. I am posing as a Bard, due to my singing. We met wonderful halflings who want to rebel and need weapons. We are working to get them (especially stone weapons, as I can cause them to become iron!)

We are building tunnels (under the very castle, we have already completed.)

I have confessed my identity, which as caused consternation with The Slaver, and I know that he is mightily working to control my information leak. I just love my rebellion brothers and sisters and hope that they will come live in my village!

(I have invited them, letting them know that they can create speciality goods, have free homes, equality and be able to sell their wares in the nearby city of Azizabad. Mind you, even if The Slaver and I aren’t getting along, I will work to make our city work! So, if we have specialty goods available ONLY in Azizabad, it will draw people.

Tunnels are built, weapons are being converted. We’ve been kept secret (except for the Innkeeper and the Mage) and we’re midway through the Winter. We will keep building weapons and, Eternal God willing, we will get the Bastard Deneral.

M'tan's Travel's - entry the thriteeth

I am utterly unfair. Why do I judge others by my own standards? By Elven standards? I travel among them. Live among them. Love among them. And yet I forget I am not them.

Slaves. A human I thought of as a brother did not bat an eye at dwarven slaves. His fault? No. Mine. I just assumed that he loathed slavery as did I. He often ranted about “white skins” enslaving his people. So I assumed he was being literal. When confronted with the slavery issue, I realized I would get nowhere with him, because he immediately made my objections a racial issue. Everything I said was negated because of his perceptions of my “eternal” life.(not that in the 5 years we have lived together he has ever asked about anything Elven… honestly, not even once. I have had him to honored dinners, built him homes, grew a town for him – all the gift of Elven knowledge – given freely by me, mind you – but he automatically assumed some strange supernatural way that I lived. That Elf’s existed in time differently that he did.) He often positioned himself as the victim, but this was the first time I found it unconscionable.

In short, the dwarf’s showed up. Their workforce was slaves. He accepted it whereI utterly refused. We had recently had a disagreement about how to manage the land, wherein he wanted to cut the trees…and he (momentarily) convinced me that this was a wise idea somehow, clever fellow!

The part that hurt so badly is that after everything I had done with and for him; read: town building (in a low Mana area, that is pretty difficult) and lending my prestige to his unappealing Muslim personality / saving him from the Inquisition by getting him the necklace / just plain being his friend. After all that, he tried to manage me, through lies. We survived the Inquisition together, We have fought, side by side. I makes me unbearably sad.

So I closed my boarders. I grow my trees. The knight with her warhorse (we were in a massive battle earlier in Hallmutt, which I will leave to another to recount) has decided to live with me. I’ve cut off my partnership with Joshua Tariq Aziz and instead I’m inwardly focused.

(In the earlier battle, around the fountain, everyone did great, but the knight was amazing, and my spells – arboreal internment was fucking awesome!!! I got to use it… twice!

I determined that I was wrong to have expected him to be more than what he, personally, is. He has his customs and mores, and they might not be mine. Nevertheless, the tress grow and I shan’t help “his” town anymore. (Okay, we both made it together, but it WAS my magic.)

I will not stand by Slavers.


Was interrupted during my last entry…

A ruckus started near the quarry regarding slaves


A new city is born today. I named in honor of my father and my family and will forever be remembered in this world.

My hope is that it will be built in the style of my father’s technique, at least as far as I can gather from his writings.

Azizabad shall be a shining light of knowledge and the beauty of nature

M'tan's travels - entry the twelfth

We travel to the site and review it. On this trip I was completing the paving between Wallace, Azizabad and M’tan’s Forest and on the way up, a dwarf show me a better way to pave roads, letting the rainwater drain away from the surface, it was greatly appreciated. During the evening Fuzzytop Pathtreader becomes very close friends with Thistle a dwarf interested in fun and eating. fountain, which is a high compliment coming from a Dwarf to an Elf! The Dwarf’s were impressed by my We make the deal with the Dwarfs. They’ll set up the mine and run it. The profits will split as follows:

Year 1: 70% them 30% us

Year 2: 60% them 40% us

Year 3: 50% them 50% us

Year 4: 40% them 60% us

Year 5: 30% them 70% us

Year 6: 30% them 70% us

Year 7: 30% them 70% us

Year 8: 30% them 70% us

Year 9: 30% them 70% us

They leave, to return 1 year and 1 month later, when they will begin work. We are responsible for building the limestone business.

We meet with Lady Wallace, Bailiff of Wallace to get her thoughts on building immigration, she asks we not recruit from the town (we tell her the 4 instances we did;

Ben, Sheriff of Azizabad – the young sheriff, Ally of Joshua and M’tan – brother of Jason

Jason, Warden of the Wood – the young warden of the wood, Ally of M’tan – brother of Ben

Bob Blacksmith – Young Journeyman, son of blacksmith of Wallace

Maria – Serf, Cook of M’tan, also her daughter

The Lady Wallace, Bailiff of Wallace was fine with that, as long as we stopped. She offered to send us letters to her contacts, which she did. Later that night I met a traveling bard who I paid to take a letter requesting immigrants from the Great Forest. Both letters request that immigrants showed up a year and a month later… (or in just 2 weeks!) The Lady also let me know that the Goblin Magus would soon be retiring and that the Lord would consider me for his position. What better way to influence the protection of the Forest.

As that previous entry indicated, we took a year to grow the Village and then my Tree City. I only heard tales of them, so I hope I did it right. The center tree is 425 feet, the middle ring trees are 375 feet and the outer ring trees are 300 feet tall. The trunks are 60 feet wide. Because of the spells I cast, these trees will be able to grow 3 times their maximum height (which they are currently at) – so in years to come the trees height will be 1,275 feet, the middle ring will be 1,125 feet and the outer ring will be 900 feet. Their are two levels under the covering of the trees. The lower level is grown to replicate fields, with food being grown here as well. Hopefully I can attract a Centaur sage to this area. The middle level is where the residents of the tree will live and love. When you get to the canopy levels, the Outer Ring will house defenses and communal areas, the middle ring will have shops, an inn, a Magus University and an art center. The top level houses my tower (a 100 foot tall version of my bush in Wallace) and a chapel (all naturally grown.) These structures are grown, but unoccupied (except my tower, by me.)

We have just completed the growing, Joshua Tariq Aziz and I return to town, where we will discover if any immigrants or messages are waiting for us. We hope to visit with the Lord and the Lady and to find news about the Civil War. (I need to know if I should build a wall!)

Letter from M'tan

(A letter was sent from M’tan to his tribe in the Deep Forest. A wandering bard took half payment to deliver it. He equipped him with a letter of safe passage. It is written in Elvish. (calligraphy default roll made by 4) It is a request for immigrants. Just like the letter from Lady Wallace, Bailiff of Wallace ) this invites people to show up a year and a day after the writing of the letter.)

Well met, my tribe, Ti’al Qu’i’ntis.

This letter is from your wandering son, M’tan Eglentrans. I hope the years have been kind since last I say you, and the Great Forest.

Although I did not leave long ago, only a handful of years, I believe I have grown in both wisdom, and more importantly, understanding my love of the Great Forest.

Humans are real! And they are everywhere. Sadly, the manner in which they live is not conducive to the life of the Forest. When I left I, shamefully, was filled with anger and rage that our mother, the Eternal Forest had been compromised and we seemed to be doing nothing to stop it. Also, it initially seemed to me that the humans were just as bad as the hated Orcs, raping the Earth with no caring for things living. Tearing down the forest to build man-caves with and, the legends were true, burning it for heat during the winter months. Not even the dead fallen trees, they actually cut down living, healthy trees…

I had adventures and grew to know the humans. Over time I realized they were fearful of us, and knew nothing of the power of the Land. I began to help them, growing crops, growing homes, enriching the wood and earth (I have learned some of the secrets of Earth now as well.) I learned their languages and their religion – with one great goal in mind, to regrow part of the great forest and teach humans to be the stewards of the Land. Maybe, should we someday disappear from Y’rth, and we have taken the time to teach them, they will protect the Forest as much as we do. In thanks of my service to them, they “gave” me a portion of land, which is mine to protect and populate.

To that end, I am seeking bold immigrants. People who love the Forest and who are willing to face the humans, live by their rules and their ways, for the express purpose of helping the forest. Specifically, I am seeking any elf (not Dark, mind…) who has the strength of purpose to live among them. In addition, I ask you to pass my request on to other of the Sylvan folk.

I would be happy to welcome:

Elfs – of any tribe

Centaurs – particularly sages who desire to study humans – to them I can provide a field in the sky – near the humans, but safely distant from them

Ellyllon – I would be honored if the Queen would consider sending some of her subjects to my realm, where in I would be happy to grow an Oak of truly noble proportions

Exalted Horse – Please let it be known among the Noble Equine that I would be honored to be considered for friendship and partnership in protecting the Wilds

Fauns – how can I protect the Forest without the assistance of the Passionate Fauns, a small family or families would be most welcome.

Giant – a friendly Giant who grow tired of the Forest would be welcome as well, I would be happy to build up a small mountain for you to call your own

Leprechauns – a small group of Leprechauns would be most welcome. In the roots of my trees are the homes for halflings, but in the roots themselves and entire village could live and grow. Also, the fine cloth you make would be very welcome.

Wildmen – I know how hard it is for the noble Wildmen to survive without Forests, I also know your trust in us runs deep. If a group of you needs more room, I would be happy for you to grow in this Forest

Unicorns – the forest area I have been given to protect is 1200 acres, so a Unicorn could make a good life here and help to grow the Forest

Dryads – I have grow 17 great trees, none who possess the soul of a Dryad, if there are those among you who have lost your trees, and yet somehow survive, please come, you will be welcomed

I invite you all to come and help this forest grow. I ask you to bring your patience with humans and your genuine desire to make the Forest larger and Y’rth a greater place to live.

To my tribe, I wish you the best and should you require or desire anything, please let me know by way of a return letter with this bard.

All my best, M’tan Eglentrans Ti’al Qu’i’ntis

Letter from Lady Wallace

Letters were sent to the rulers of the friendly lordships and to the major local trade centers; Photius and New Jerusalem. Upon the request of Aziz, a copy was sent to al-Wazif. These letters were not sent wide, but to the contacts ofLady Wallace, Bailiff of Wallace They requested possible Journeymen or surplus population with skills. Like the dwarfs, immigrants were asked to show up in the same time-frame. A year and a month after the writing of the letter. The positions requested were:






Old Clothes Merchant

Pastry Cook

Wine Merchant

Pot Makers


Purse Makers

Wood Seller

Magic Dealer


Beer Seller

Buckle Maker


Spice Merchant



Rope Maker


Rug Maker

Harness Maker

Hay Merchant

Cutter – hair cutter & surgeon

Glove Maker

Wood Carver




Tavern Master





Chandlers – candle makers

Mercers – general merchants

Needle Makers

Haberdashers – odds & ends



Water Carriers

Scabbard Makers

Chicken Butchers










and most importantly,

Farmers – Serfs

M'tan's travels - entry the eleventh

The halfling told the tale well, until she fell in into the sweet embrace of Sleep. After leaving Aziz’s land we travelled to mine, where I identified the area I will grow my tree city. I created and grew the initial sequoias. We discussed employment with the men and now we have our Sheriff and or Warden! Huzzah! Then we returned home to Wallace!

Of minor note, on the fountain in Tariqabad the inscription reads, “The towne of Tariqabad, property of Lord Wallace protected by Joshua Tariq Aziz Stonemason.”

Now, it’s time to build.


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