M'tan's travels - entry the twenty first

I will quickly copy my field notes, as things are moving quickly now!

We went back to camp and agreed to go looking for evil in the forest.

The 300 troops will travel with us – behind the trackers.

Fuzzy will lead with Carthage protecting her.

We Head towards Nanius – a 3 day journey

Both Fuzzy and I try to sense mana to no avail

Fuzzy spots peasants heading North for a day or so.

They are a group of serfs coming from LaPierre in Nanius, Fuzzy asks for News ,rumore is Baron Armond (south of Nanius) attacking villages in Nanius – Baron urMond – the Devil cursed them, hung up the bodies of his wife and kids – they started attacking the serfs ran

Fuzzy gives them 2 loafs of bread

We make camp with the troops – Day One Camp = uneventful

On Day 2 we meet another group of peasants, 8 or so – 6 women and 2 children – from Nanius headed to Oakwood – fleeing the Baron – Baron Armond was upset about losing his battle to Lord Nanius so he took revenge by forcing his wife, Lord Marsden’s sister to eat their children.

The serfs do not know where Lord Marsden is, nor have they seen his soldiers?

We continue to guide the serfs to the refugee camp in Phodius

The serfs belive that Reeve Smith is running things. There were troops killing people, identified as Hospitallers.

Using her tracking, Fuzzy tries to determine how big the army is – 100 people, with a mix of cavalry – same group that kicked us out of Oakwood, but there is another set of tracks? The one set of tracks is mainly cavalry, that’s the one that rounded up the peasants, another group that headed down.

Camp out at crossroads – we try to determine whether to follow the mixed into Nanius or go after Refugee troops.

Two more serfs come in we feed them

These serfs report that Lord Armond made a deal and is selling serfs as slaves.

Carthage and Fuzzytop bring back 4 bucks

Aziz sees something flying in the night sky, perhaps a griffin?

An uneventful evening is had, aside from the Griffin

Day 3 = it’s a 1/2 day to Nanius, Armand 1 day

To help the innocent and defend them from Hospitallers we head to Armand

Fuzzy remembers that she is a tanner and leatherworks the deer hides

Fuzzy and Carthage find 2 hospitallers along the road.

They prepare to sneak up on them, but Fafner barks.

There is a mighty battle between Fuzzytop, Carthage and two Hospitallers.

Carthage shoots horse in the groin.
Fuzzy shoots other horse in the back right leg
Carthage shoots horse in the hind leg
Fuzzy gets on Fafner - gets on, but is unable to mount him quickly
Carthage shoots - changes to farthest away horse - Fuzzy's - horse dodges
Fuzzy rides Fafner at 8'
Carthage shoot injured horse but the steed dodges
Fuzzy rides towards knights. 44' to broken horse, the other 49' away from her.
Carthage fires and misses.
Fuzzy rides towards knights 38' to broken horse, 62' to good horse
Using her "Speak with Animals" ability Fuzzy yells at horse to stop and it will be healed.
The horse stops.
She says to throw the rider.
The horse does not.
Carthage shoots against departing Hospitaller, hits him and he doesn't dodge, an arrow pierces his hand.

` Departing Hospitaller at 70’

Broken horse Hospitaller gets off horse
Fuzzy yells at the departing horse, she rides towards the departing Hospitaller
Carthage shoots at the injured Hospitaller and misses
The injured Hospiattler pulls crossbow
Departing Hospitaller at 69' Fuzzy yells but his horse can't hear
Carthage sprints towards the Injured Hospitaller
Fuzzy closes the gap to 67', she yells again, but horse can't hear her - she's 14' away from the Injured Hospitaller behind horse
Carthage sprints
Fuzzy tries to talk to the horse of the Injured Hospitaller, but fails
Carthage sprints (he's now 30 feet away), he targets the Injured Hospitallers leg
The Injured Hospitaller hits Fuzzy with a crossbow bolt, she doesn't dodge and takes some damage to the torso.
She rides and yell at the horse, he still can not quite make hear - she's at 66'
Carthage aimed and shoots at 40' the Departing Hospitaller
She talks to horse of the Injured Hospitaller, he won't attack crossbow guy
Fuzzy yells at 65', she misses the yell
Carthage aims
Fuzzy continues to ride, closing to 63', again she yells at horse but it doesn't hear her
Carthage shoots but the Hospitaller dodges
Fuzzy keeps the distance at 63', once more yelling at the horse, she makes it and says, "Stop and I'll heal you!" But this horse is better trained and not as damaged so it ignores her.
Carthage aims
Fuzzy turns around and rides back, not wanting to encounter a lone Hospitatller, she is 8' away from the injured Hospitaller
Injured Hospitaller is reloading
Carthage shoots him in the other leg but misses
Fuzzy gets off Fafner - tells him sic the Injured Hospitaller
Injured Hospitaller continures to reload
Carthage shoots and hits, this time in his other leg
The injured Hospitaller fails his health roll, he falls down
Fuzzy concentrated and casts - Major Healing - and heals the Horse
Fafner - bowls the injured Hospitaller over
The injured Hospitaller punchs Fafner and hits. Fafner misses dodging and gets punched in the face with a mailed fist
Fuzzy concentrates
Fafner bites but with no effect
Carthage keeps funning
Fafner gets hit by the Injured Hospitaller falls over and passes out
Fuzzy casts Major Healing on Fafner and makes it, he feels much better
Carthage arrives and aims his composite bow at his head
The injured Hospitaller surrenders to Carthage
He surrenders and asks who they are, but Carthage is cagey
Fuzzy and Carthage argue about whether or not to knock him out.
They get him on the horse and tie him on. (This is difficult, as he is very heavy!)
After they tie him on to the horse Fuzzy tells the horse to go fast and Carthage is forced to hold on
Fuzzy gets on Fafner
The horse starts to follow Fuzzy

Carthage tells him that he goes to see M’tan.

When I meet him, I go to smack him, luckily my code of ethics just stops me. Our medics helps him.

We talk at length with the Hospitaller, he tells of an infection which sweept through the town to the south, people had Evil Marks on them, white growths which looked like cauliflower, Carthage thinks back and yes the recent serfs we met had these growths.

We continue to talk with him, he invites us to meet with him down south.

Sir Knight of the Hospitallers Gellisus of New Jerusalem

It turns out he is here due to our invitiation to help with exercising the Demon

He lets us know there are many rumors flying about and that the slaving rumor is a falsehood

Fuzzy talks with the horse, who respects and likes master, but the horse aknowledges that he doesn’t talk to me like she does

After we negotiate with the knight, and I accept his parole, I return his armor and weapon and we head to the town

Fuzzytop talks to hawk and send alarmist message to elfs and the ArchBishop

The Elfs are to head to Denton, include details of Infection

Our troops double time to Armond

We come into the palisades around Armond, the defenses are pitiable. I deploy the troops in a defensive position around the town. I really am beginning to understand strategy.

Along the way Carthage attempt to befirend Sir Gellisus, Fuzzy comments, “Carthage is falling in love with Hospitallers”

When we head in it’s like a refugee camp

We meet the Pastry halfling from Oakwood who helped us dig up bodies from the party tree disaster.

The Pastry chef lets us know that Baron Armond inspected them, thankfully there were none in the halfling community

As the people are starving, I grow orange plants for peasants, most have never seen magic and are suitably amazed.

We enter the Hall

We overhear the Baron’s leiutenants, “What are we going to do when Marden and Nauisu come?”

I introduce myself to Caso of Armond – one of the Barons Leiutenants – he is pleased to see troops and to see them ably deployed

We head in to see the Baron

The Baron haslong black hair, stinks of defecation and the madness in him seems to gleam out of his eyes

He grabs the faces of each of us, then looks for the mark

There are three bodies nailed to the wall of the hall, his wife and children.

He asks if we have seen Sleepnier – Northland Legends of a God Named Odin – a flying 8 legged steeed

“He’s crazy”! Fuzzy’S assessment after she reads his emotions, she finds him quite mad

All the infected have been killed. He rant for quite some time. He is visibly deranged and we cannont heal him here.

I grow some “sleepy plant” – a cargaleigh root – I grow it, Fuzzy puts it in a cake for him – we convince him to eat the cake, within 15 minutes he sleeps, we will keep him in this coma-like state until we can heal him

I summon the leaders of the town, in the Name of the King

In walks 6’4” hospitaller guard – Brutus

Also, a Monk, the head of the priorty – Brother Secundus

We have a long discussion about Christ, God and the challenges we face

We believe that Lord Marsden is the source of this infestation

We talk with the Hospitaller and agress to accompany us. After he talked with us.

The troops are assigned as follows:

50 of our troops with the refugess – 1 talent with Hospitatller with refuegees

1 quad to kill the infected that passed us on the road.

Write note to the King, “Need Cure Madness spell or potion for the Baron Armond, need troops – Hospitallers cooperating – describe the infection – tell the King I have summoned elfs

We prepare to march when a giant eight hoofeed beast flys on the top of the Hall, lands on it and rips off the roof.

Fuzzy tries to talk to it.

“Our Lord, this is not your place. Let me take you to your place” is the Voice I hear in my head from the Great Arbor.

I concentrate to cast spells.

The voices, which never seem to entirely go away cause me to lose concentration.

A huge fight ensues!

The creature picks up the Baron and bites him in half, “He’s in Heaven now!” someone shouts

Even after we all hit him (myself with no less than 3 hits with Aboreal Internment) it retreats

Troops are freaked out.

As the creature flys away, the voices fade away, which seem to cause me to vomit white droplets come out my mouth which turn into spiders – We kill them and I feel a great sense of relief from their leaving.

For the first time since the Black Forest, I feel whole and the voices are gone.

Talk with Hospitaller and then I give my speech,

My speech is about, “You were here when we saved the Kingdom”

Carthage goes and individually speaks with the troops.

Fuzzy prepares food and is friendly.

Aziz helps prepare seige engines.

I fortify this town and we take 100 troops south to the Trade town of Fourstom

We seize the town – miltarily – I meet Paul Woodsman – a freeman – and I appoint him Mayor of this town

Afer I promote the man, Paul Mayor, I task him with getting wood workers

I give a speech to the town folk, which is well recieved, then Paul speaks.

Paul then gives a speech – it is not as good, but residents recognize him as the Mayor

Carthage shoots for effect but misses this shot

We head back up with 2 wood crafters

We arrive at the end of evening

100 to Narnia

100 are patroling the south

100 are preparred for Sleipnier duty

Sleipnier Squad builds the seige engines

The elves still on the way.

We prepare for battle against this Cursed Creatue.

M'tan's travels - entry the twentieth
Oakwood, FuzzyTop, Aziz, Carthage, Hospitaller

As my last travels left us in despair, I will quickly summarize.

We were in the burnt out remains of Oakwood. A rider arrived, bearing the coat of arms of Oakwood (Lord Brance) – Lord has sent him here, Lord Michael Hern

His Lord’s lands are to the east and he came to let us know that we were trespassing.

During that time Carthage returned from the Blackwood Forest. (Safely, as the Protector promised!)

After we discuss it ,we decide to offer to parley with the Lord. Fuzzy had been cooking dinner and we intended to break bread with him. But he felt he had to leave immediately. Fuzzy gave him food for the road.

I regrew the Garrison (which suffered only roof damage) and Aziz checked it.

We eat and drink with the men and the we lay out orders for the men in the morning to go and scavenge

During the night, some guards are killed by Hospitaller arrows. They genuinely do not like me.

We were woken thanks to the Protection spell of Fuzzy!

We wake up camp and we discover that it was one sniper after us – unsuprisingly a hospitaller

The next morning I use my fledgling leadership ability to inspire some amount of trust among the religions. Although I get my point across, I am not yet a public speaker! I must learn this skill

Thankfully the Muslims and Christian agree to work togther

The main focus of the men’s search is to find pots and blacksmithing items. This way, Fuzzy could cook the meal and Aziz could repair weapons and such.

The troop search focuses were as follows:

Almost half searched for loot, the other half for protection.

However, 1 talent was instructed to look for luxury items (for the upcoming dinner and the other for money.

While the men worked Aziz and I rebuilt the other garrison with plants. This garrison had taken more damage and needed wall work to strengthen it.

During this time Carthage scavenged weapons while Fuzzy cast spells and cooked for the upcoming dinner.

Commander Joshua was not around, he was in charge of a small force which was off on assignment.

The men returned and had successfully scavened; chairs and tables (one made of nice yew wood) -

With Fuzzy leading the effort the cooks learned some of her secrets together

Finally, the evening arrived and the noble’s came to “the gate” where they were announced; in their company was the hated mage, another human and a good looking blonde haired man . man in charge, Michael Parin

There are some tense moments when the Lord introduces the mage and I tell him he keeps awful company

The Lord seems like a genuinely affable human.

He seeks the return of what he views to be His Lands. Aziz and I talk and decide that as soon as we verify that these are indeed his lands (from the King) that we would happily support him. We are suprised to discover that we successfully DE-escalated a situation. Not a strong part of our merry band.

After he determines that we genuinely mean to help him if he’s legitimate, he warms up to us, he discusses some politics, specifically the Lords in These Lands and where they stand in terms of the Civil War. Here are some of the names and their affiliations we learn of;

Lentilus and Nanius have ties to Marsten – he will work to sway them.

Percy Appius Ardor And Caso – he belives they will be loyal to him.

Like an insecure human I correct them about my rank

Next up. Cake. Fuzzy’s Cake of Wonder!

We noticed it many times throughout the night. The scene of horror, a burned out town, ruined landscape, juxtaposed with the almost jovial nature of our meeting. Surreal.

As we have dinner the talk turns to what’s underneath in the caverns.

We go down and see they which are below.

There is a lot of talk about what lies underneath, along with a lot of passionate debate – are they alive?

The ur-Baron leaves to go get his troops and negotiate with his family. He is disturbed by all that has occurred and has been seen.

We seem to get along better and I even Worship with Muslims

We Went down the next day and everything went from bad to worse. I suppose it was a classic example of the tall people (read: M’tan) ignoring the statements of the little folk (Fuzzy), but it was most regretable.

We had arguement, and stupidly, I behaved as a human. I let passion compel me to do what I felt was right while ignoring, worse, dismissing our loyal friend Fuzzy.

I shall not recount the disagreement. But it deeply offended FuzzyTop Pathtreader. Hopefully I will redeem myself.

Once this is done I should sit and contemplate. Maybe then I will learn to be more Elven in nature.

There was a combat and I and Aziz sealed the lower areas. If Fuzzy chooses, I will reopen them today, as she is the most compassionate of us all.

It was a sad end to a grim outing. Hopefully some good will come of it.

M'tan's Travel's - entry the nineteenth

My language is rough as we just finished battle..

Carthage and Erdolliel go intothe Dark forest to find a plant

An hour in, there’s a wave of terror

Grizelda arrives

the Elven huntsman from Lord Wallace sent Grizelda

another wonderful Breakfast from Fuzzy top

Grizelda offers fruitcake

I have a dream see great arbor – nearing the Great Arbor

Noon – Erdolliel comes back with a Melon Fruit, Carthage was attacked and dragged off. Carthage captured, horse dead.

Paste of Melon into my mouth – disease disappears – wake up, anxiety flows over – meet Elf woman – She’s a Dark Elf.

I awken to my friends and…Erdolliel – gal elf who’s kinda creepy and into me

I dreamt of “The Great Arbor”

I see the Dark Forest but can detect no plantsNo plants

Do I go to the Great Arbor?

Daniel is the Guide – he passes out – feed him more of the fruit.

Ox don’t like it Aziz wants us me to take the Elf.

Thrown Mace at the Elf – contact!

Everyone jumps on her. Shield on Grizelda. Grizelda is, as the humans say, Awesome!

Two hits is amazing.

She’s unconsious! Fuzzy stabilizes her. Covers her eyes.

Build a wall to hide behind.

ARanion – bald elf, well dressed leather, True Defenders of Caithness – it is – 40 years ago the forest Defenders of the Shaded Woodlands. A real Dark Elf

The Great Froest – Elfs of Silvaria – Wise Owls

Helif – tribe The Defenders – critical growth.

Got to Hyrnan – built bunker

Meet with the Elf again – he lets us know there’s growth in Caithness – go talk to leadership Hyrnan

Fuzzy is concerned about visiting

Meet Ox – wants food

Head out at 6AM – New Wall -

Commander Goodbody – GAte Guard helps.

Go into town – Secretary – whisper Caithness – jokes about us

Asks us to sit

Sgt. Tiberius – nice meeting – invite to hole

Fuzzy explains the story.

Commander for all bonds with

2 hours lunch – then 2nd lunch – then desert lunch

Asexual great bonding with Fuzzy and the Sgt.

Commander goes to meeting.

Ship to Raphael – Intro to folks in Raphael – Bay to Conn – 15 days

evening in Raphael

wear leathers

dock area Aziz finds Rapscallion – 100 men – 15 men

Negotiates – 100f X 15d =

100 Caithnes troops

100 mulisms

all earth are dead.

100 troops

Leaderdship – troops get land pay troops

Scout to Harkwood – Tell the Truth to Harkwook

Get to PHoudius

see knights on the way – on the stone good,

Battle of Oakwood, won decisively.

Lost 15 in battle – won

Forces agree.

Scout comes with message from Harwood

I say Go.

300 elven troops.

Aziz and M’tan fortify Oakwood

Crow from the Blackwoods – discovered a program of alteration / transformation – dark elfes enslaved transformed into beasts in service of The Great Arbor – any Captured Slaves in Donlias MUST DIE.

In Oakwood – I find Caverns – Caverns with halflings beings turned into strange flabby beasts – humans turned into abominations of War Horses – i suspect from the Crow from the Blackwoods, that they may be using those people as transformations.

Send message to King


We need to save M’tan. He’s in bad shape. It seems the only recourse is heading into the Dark Forest.

I hope the invisible world will be accessible.

If my friend survives, The M’tan Forest and Azizabad shall flourish as a center of tolerance.

**A Thick Red Leather Notebook Part IV**

The Personal Adventures of Halfling Scout and Brave Adventurer Fuzzytop Pathtreader

(a few weeks later…)

I awoke in the forest. Two tall folk were guarding a tree with an un-natural lump in it. I recognized it immediately as a tree magiked by Mr. M’tan to hide something. The guards were hacking away at the tree trying to break into the lump.

I asked them what was going on and they insisted that Mr. M’tan wanted me to join them down the road for a battle. I was not about to leave whatever he was hiding there with the two rogue guards, so I insisted they join me by threatening to tell on them.

We journeyed down the road, and found our companions in the thick of a major battle. Two soldiers were dragging Mr. M’tan behind a shed. He did not rise. I rushed to him to find out what was wrong.

An arrow, pierced through his arm, but stranger was the reddish poison traveling up through his body. I tried dispelling both poison and contagion to no avail. So, I dressed the wound and arranged for his evacuation back to the tree.

Once back at the tree, Mr. Carthage (an elf that took passage with Mr. M’tan and Mr. Aziz in New Jerusalem) had found a young elf who had been maimed by the Hospitalers named Erdolliel. She was schooled in the arts of herbology and she consulted with me on Mr. M’tan’s malady. She said that she had seen something similar in the past which her people contracted in the Blackwoods. It resembles a magical curse that can only be cured by elvish magic. We must either travel to the Great Forrest, or the Blackwoods for a cure.

The tall folk then debated for a while whether or not to take the risk to go to the Blackwoods. Eventually they decided to proceed, and we waited through the night before setting out for New Jerusalem. We met only one Hospitaler along the way, who seemed thick and did not see through our disguise.

We arrived in New Jerusalem in the evening, and made for an inn at the docks. We put Mr. M’tan in the bed and left Erdolliel to care for him. She seems smitten with Mr. M’tan as a child is with a beloved mentor. I don’t think Mr. Carthage is pleased with her showers of attention on the other elf.

Mr. Aziz and Mr. Carthage went to find the boat. I went to find a map at the library.

We meet the captain at dock 57. We load Mr. M’tan back in the wagon. And leave for the docks. The frustrating tall folk argue over money so that we can take the oxen, cart, and horses on board. Finally we board and I spend the night snuggled up with Fafner in the back of the wagon. Mr. M’tan is moved to the hull by the doting Erdolliel.

When I awoke in the morning, I saw the Captain slipping coins into the hand of a Hospitaler. He then announced that it was time to set sail and we shoved off.

The only rations on board were fruitcake, which is certainly one of my favorite foods. However, after breakfast, everyone seemed to have a very bad opinion of me. They felt that I should have eaten just one ration and one bottle of ale. I was shocked to hear this, as of course my people would never take the chance of trying to sustain ourselves on such meager sustenance.

To make amends, I decided to face my fear of the rushing river and try my hand at catching a few swimmers. The luck of the Halflings were with me today and I pulled out five plump trout. The men will be pleased with this fresh fare tonight! I best get to cooking!

I cleaned and filleted each fish, leaving the skin on and the cavity intact. I then chopped up a few pieces of dwarven jerky and sprinkled them inside for a touch of extra salty flavor. As a side, I sliced thin pieces of the fruit cake and served the two together.

The crew seemed well fed and satisfied with the meal. After dinner, we shared stories, raised glasses, danced and sang Halfling songs until we were hoarse.

With a full tummy and a light head, Fafner and I curl up in the hammock for a good night’s sleep. I cast my watchdog spell around us, so that Mr. M’tan is well protected through the night. Fafner will wake me before the ten hours elapses.

The journey takes us past amazing sights and cities. Craine is a vast city that stretches as far as the eye can see. I wonder if there’s Halfling folk there. These are the largest fields I have seen in all my days. In the towns, golden domes rise from the buildings and the sound of prayers drift out over the water. Ships crowd the river, and the world seems a bustle to me.

On the 11th day we arrive in Hyrnan on the edge of the Blackwoods. As we readied to disembark, three of the crew attacked us. The tall folk took quick care of two of them before I could even get a pain spell off. The third was just a kid and he was visibly quaking in his boots. He told us that Commander Terrance, the head of the Hospitalers in New Jerusalem had hired them to kill Mr. M’tan. Even unconscious his enemies are after him!

The captain arrived and was in shock to see the crewmen scattered on the floor. Apparently he had warned Mr. Carthage to watch out for them earlier in the journey. They were new to his crew he said. When the rest of the crew found out I had been threatened, they hauled them off into the bowels of the ship. I reminds a Halfling that a little kindness and good cookin’ always pays off, and sometimes in very unexpected ways.

We loaded our gear and disembarked quickly after the scuffle. We were not eager to wait around and find out who else had it in for Mr. M’tan. I really don’t know why tall folk hate him so. He seems to only help those he meets.

We find a room at the Inn of the Falling Leaf. I get a pint of ale right away. I’m parched from limiting myself to only one pint per meal. I treat the rest of the party to a hot meal, especially since I was too hungry to wait for them to haggle over it.

The dinner was delicious, but it left me wanting for something sweet. When I asked if he had any sweets he said that they didn’t bother to stock much because people where to afraid to come to Hyrnan anymore. He said the elves of the Blackwoods were expanding outward and that people who ventured into the forest did not return. Finding someone to save Mr. M’tan is going to be costly.

We spend the night and in the morning go out to gather supplies for the party. At the market I buy: 15 (12) apples (5 farthing) 2 (1.75) wheels of cheese (10 farthing) 10 loaves of rye bread (10 farthing) 16 (12) ale (72 farthing) 12 (11)eggs (2 farthing) 1 (.8) lb flour (2 farthing) .25 (.15) lb sugar (15 farthing) 1 pan (12 farthing) 72 arrows (60 farthing) 2 throwing knives (12 farthing) Total: 200 farthing

We set out. The female elf seems annoyed that I went out for provisions. I just don’t understand why tall folk are so grumpy.

The forest has an eerie sway to it. The trees bow and bend in unison. Instead of branches, they look like a uniform membrane. There are no sounds. No birds. No insects. I’m frightened.

The tall folk decide to camp in the forest. Once we find the clearing, I cast watchdog immediately. Then I start the fire. I dice some apples and mix them with some flour, sugar, and egg. Then I fry them up in the pan over the fire. I give each person in the party, one of these scones, a thick slice of cheese, and a half a piece of jerky.

While I was cooking, a creepy sense of dread blew through the camp. I curled up with Mr. M’tan and Fafner in the wagon to sleep. Mr. Carthage and Mr. Aziz switch off as a second watch.

M'tan's travels - entry the ninteenth

I was shot by an arrow.

I remember that.

After that, things become strange. I think I could be dead.


I hear my friends. Ah, like all who pass, I wish I could speak with them again.

I feel passing strange though. At least I fell as I should, in a good fight. Sadly, I never really learned to fight. But so it goes.


How long have I been dead? Do I still sleep?

The Forest. I will never grow the Forest. All of this was for naught. Maybe, at least, My Woods will live, and grow the Forest.


I’m in the eternal shadow of a massive tree. It must be the Eternal. It’s whispering to me in a tongue long lost to the elves. She beckons me to come forward and embrace Her.


Knives held by human hands. My blood is on them.


I am not dead. I’m asleep and cannot wake. The Humans were right, there is a Hell but I am comforted by the Eternal in the Great Arbor.


I am dying. The Forest will have to find another Defender.


I was too prideful. I am dead. A blessed wind through which She speaks revives me. I am in Her shadow and finally calm.


I heard the Mother of God and She is the Eternal in the Great Arbor. Christ’s resurrection at the hands of Her. I ache to be reborn in His image.


An animal falls and the fruit is born, white and succulent. It heals and is the flesh of Him, reborn.


Only through the Mother of God can the Son be reborn and the thousand trees replenish the forest.


May I be the Son, Mother?

M'tans Travels - addendum


I have been forced to re-examine my behavior towards my companions since my most recent argument with Aziz.

He is disagreeable, yes. But he was always disagreeable. I befriended him full well knowing that he was disagreeable!

He has been my trusted partner throughout my adventures in the human lands. And a great one as that. It takes a certain level of patience and friendship to spend days in a 3 foot tunnel with one another and then fighting against all odds from under the ground, trusting that the other has done near perfect work – which we both almost always did.

All I want is for the Forest to grow and for some reason I have expected him to share my racial eccentricity, with no natural appreciation for it. I should be honored that he has put up with me for as long as he has, and continue to learn from him.

He wants the settlers for his Lands. Fine, I should be glad for him, else why did I help build, Azizabad?

He wants to get rich. Fine, he continues to help me with the forest, I help him with money.

He wants wood to build his town. He did not demand to cut down my forest! He only asked for wood to build with. Instead of refusing him I will grow him a sustainable forest and teach his people how to properly farm their woods so that, the woods are healthy, they grow to love them, they have all the wood they need and Aziz can make a Glorious City.

He wanted to work with Slavers. Who I am to judge another Tribe’s behavior? I made it clear that I would not abide them, and he made some moves to accommodate me. Instead of celebrating them, I pridefully threw them back in his face.

He does business with dangerous people who I advised him not to. So? I have done the same. Instead, I resolve to help him, so he does not drown in dealing with them. After all, he brings the structure and I bring the Earthquake! If he should be afraid of his business partners, then I resolve to help his business partners learn to fear him.

We have done good by the slaves, now let’s free the remainder, take the towns, end the War and then get home and build him an Azizabad to be proud of. A town which is centered on Equal treatment for all Sentients.

God (and the Eternal) help me, no matter what others think of Aziz, I am humbled by him. He, once again has helped me. This time, to learn to be more Christian in my dealings with friends.

The Tool

My skills are clearly meant for the natural world and the calculus needed to manipulate it. If a river needs crossing, or a quarry holds stone, if a road needs blazed, or water brought to the desert, if the walls need to be stronger, taller, thicker, if you want the ore beneath the mountain, I can make these things happen.

By all indications, I have absolutely no sense for business, religion, respecting those not of my race or above my stature and clearly no idea how to recruit an army to be loyal, let alone fight at my side.

For the sake of my life and the lives of my friends and family, I shall stick to the things I know. I will follow the lead and instruction from my superiors to my fullest ability, without hesitation or question.

I’ve seen how a very wise, pious and traveled man had been told by the local authority that he was being a bit uppity and acting a bit outside of his proper bounds, that he was forcing the oppressors to oppress only because of the the blood in his veins, the color of his skin, the shape of his ear. And that was enough for them to want him dead.

I was disgusted by these men, and how they treated my friend. And I was also disturbed by how this encounter affected my friend.

I long for the Moon to change and the world to be invisible.

M'tan's travels - entry the eighteenth

Aziz and I argue, as usual! We were preparing to head out on our way to “rescue” some humans that Aziz befriended. The arguements began almost at once.

I consider if I could actually get help from teh Archbishop of Phodius (as he sent a letter to the Head of the Order of the Hospitallers saying that I was coming into town.) After thinking about it and realizng that Hospitallers think elfs are the spawn of Satan, I decided it wasn’t a great idea.

Rather then review step by step our arguements I think I’ll try to put he and my disagreements in review. (During this time we can’t get along, some of our companions leave and we meet a great archer named Carthage – an elf at that! He helps control the remaining “troops” – 3 people – and he repacks the money so it’s not as noticible. A great fellow to meet! He’s an excellent tactical leader, able to speak directly to the men, in their day to day duites, that I or Aziz am not.)

On this day we have a long argument about slaves, the money, my conversion and if I treat him as a tribes man (my word, not his) (Oddly, during this arguement, he finally learns the Elven that I have been teaching him for years now.)

Slaves – we’ve long disagreed about Slaves on our Land. Aziz seems to think I’m untruthful for not wanting to save all slaves, where my point is that I recognize that humans have different cultures, it’s just that I will not have them in my home – that said, my main priority is always the Forest, the rest is a means to get there.

The money – Aziz was upset that I took all the money. I agreed that we should split it evenly (honestly I thought we already talked about this, but I could have well forgot – although, why did he not mention it earlier?) after we got the necessary troops and paid for the War, I agree that we should

My conversion – he seems morally offended that I might not be telling the entire truth about my conversion. I am telling the truth as I see it. God is an expression of the Eternal. Worshipping the way the humans do builds their trust and allows me to repopulate the Forest. That is what’s important. It serves my purposes, the tribe’s purpose, our Lord’s purpose, our King’s purpose and allows us to live well, and in turn, bring better lives to those who depend on us. I do not care if I worship through a man who was killed on some Holy Wood or the Deep Forest and the Eternal. Especially if it allows humans to allow the forest to grow and build’s the human’s trust of Elf’s.

Treatment as a Tribes Man – I have housed him, been his battlemate, healed him, lent him money, saved him from certain death (as has he me) and travelled with him for years. And he still treats me as if we just met and that I am a tool to be used. He is unpleasant, ungrateful and worst of all, unrespectful. The sadest part is that I have always considered him a friend but he refuses to cease arguing.

My complaint – I truly fear that he is trying to get us killed – I fear he is dangerously psychotic, pressing the limits of flaunting authority (specifically, refusing to mask his lack of religion, only mildly hiding whatever his monthly malady is, being deliberately offensive to people in positions of power, and rude to those in positions of influence – I seems to me like he is deliberately driving towards getting us killed or removed from our positions of influence – if he does this, I cannot help the forest here, and I will have wasted these years and broken my word to my friends, the serfs of Wallace, the people in M’tans Woods and Lord Wallace, who I find wanting to respect Aziz and I.

In the midst of this we decided to help the prisions (it is the only troops I will be able to muster in time, Aziz seems upset by my practicallity – which is odd, because he constantly complains about my lack of business sense.) The he goes to the Iron Something Tavern to meet Samir.

While he’s away I build Carthage a arrow holder out in a tree (what a wonderful regular Mana area) – I also find out Carthage is a Mage himself, and we offer to teach one another spells!

Aziz comes back a bit later, we are to go to the West Gate an hour before sunrise. We go there and discover Samir mulling about. We return to the camp to talk and plan. Lost guy helps us -

We make our plans (to rescue as many of the Pit workers as we can) – We begin with a 5 mile circle around the location. (It’s June now) Our plan is to tunnel and collapse, which we do, there is a lot of fighting, with the Archer being notably profecient, Aziz having an off night fighting wise and our spell / building combonation going off well.

All in all we resuce a goodly number 300 or so Caithness and 498 people from the (presumably lost Flight 200) (Are they Air Mages?)

Even with our bickering and my frustration with Aziz, we still manage to do good for people, ourselves and our Lords.

Now that Aziz speaks Elven I think I will attempt to resolve our issues, in the interest of Brotherhood. Let us hope we can talk as the men who toppled much that stood against us.

M'tan's travels - entry the seventeenth

Winter remains difficult. On travel as well as on the nerves. I wonder if Joshua Tariq Aziz and I will ever be friends again. We seem to grate on each other to an extreme degree.

To me he seems to only delight in pushing others from their goals and has no (benign) goals of his own. But perhaps the winter is long and I am curlish. Or perhaps I should break with him. Either way, I will let slow Wisdom rule my mind.

What has transpired…

The letters I wrote went from Phodius, where we were able to procure horses.

After the battle we arrived in late February or early March, who can tell with all the damnable snow.

By the time we made Phodius I had realized that the halflings would not be able to make My Woods in Winter, with that many, slow, travelers, it would be month’s in the Good Seasons, and sure Death in the Winter so we determined that they would have to wait outside of town, they would have to be refugees.

I entered town, and (after being viscously mocked for being an Elf), we went immediately to the Church (beautiful as it is!) and were told, graciously, that we could see the Archbishop the next day.

We decided to stay with the halflings at the refugee camp in Tenly Park.

I talked to the halflings, thanking each of them for their service, I received a mostly neutral reaction, with only one old soul angry, and I certainly do not blame him.

Next day we went into the church. It was opulent, an extremely beautiful compound with a beautiful, light covering of snow.

We were met by officials, and taken through many a beautiful building (one with amazing purple marble floors) Eventually we were taken to the right of an entry way, brought to a small room with a wonderful fireplace, wood paneling and gorgeous artwork. We were privileged to be allowed to contemplate the room for an hour when a monk comes in, letting us know that the ArchBishop would see us!

The monk took us to him, he had a lot of priests and attendants present along the way.

We were taken to a room with double doors, opulent double doors where we met the ArchBishop. A man with a big hat, white robes, a bit older (in his 60’s.) But, Blessed Be! He was a manicured human! Clean an groomed and kind and wise!

We talk with the ArchBishop Tenly, who agreed to house the halflings until they could travel – at the Church’s expense! (He implied that he would like to see me win and help bring an end to the Civil War, but of course, the Church is Neutral…)

The ArchBishop let me know that I had been promoted to the rank of Baron and that if I were to aid in the cession of hostilities I could win myself a Lording. What an Honor!

Aziz, the Christian, openly lied to the leader of the Church of Caithness and continued to build his (and my) base of allies.

I left, horrified that another Lie could have caused one of the most influential people in the Land to despise us. He claims that I am naive and then disrespects the most powerful human we have ever met??? Only the ArchBishop’s kindness kept us whole.

We meet with Fuzzytop Pathtreader, wonderful Fuzzytop! I give her the ring I found and she puts it on. She seems to like it very much. I am glad!

Fuzzy, Aziz and I talk about the Curia, specifically how they have gone above and beyond for the halflings. During the conversation Fuzzy mentions that Aziz is “grumpy” Which starts another tado with Aziz. He states, “Im not grumpy, I’m professional and proficient, I don’t lay about.” and insults the halfling. Why must he go out of his way to cause his friends pain?

(Note: the letters sent total – 3400f)

We get superb pastires and cider from halfling merchant and then prepare to travel. Aziz has met some “soldiers” who are going to help us. He whines and moans and pleads and convinces us to stay. Amazingly, it turns out he has read the situation incorrectly and we have to flee the city. It turns out the “soldiers” were “theif’s”

When I express my anger at his lack of security he expressed astonishment. Stating that he could have easily betrayed us for the money so this proves his loyalty. (Who would ever bring up betraying their tribe? I’m sorry, the human word, “friends” – Who is this hu-man?)

We run, we set up traps, at my direction. We’re lucky, they work. A majority of our time is spent fighting theif’s we need not have met.

(Although my traps and plan went quite well – to be fair, Fuzzy was awesome and Aziz was… present.)

Another 17 days are spent (2 days delay because of rain) traveling, but we make the outside of town.

When we get there I Wait outside of the walls. I have a letter of introduction from the Archbishop, but I’m concerned that this is a Hospitaller stronghold and I will not be able to get the troops promised.

Because I am road weary and sick of Aziz’s company he goes into the wall alone and comes out with more Mercenary’s. He claims to have visited the Iron Towes Inn looking for troops. He brings out a man (who looks like his grandfather) who claims to want only Land for his people to fight for us (they are Hindi’s.)

He, Samir, claims to be from Earth. Brought from the Banestorm recently. Aziz promises them work in the Quarry (i.e. slavery) for their help. I am too weary to contribute. I will talk more the next day. We just leave to look for their “friends” (I will likely immediately turn back, as I do not trust Aziz… and it pains me to say so.) We left two guards at the inn and are traveling with my package and 8 more guards.

I will slog though whatever nightmare I must to put an end to this Civil War. Sad that it seems to cost me Joshua Tariq Aziz.

(Unattended note – Max Bailey – a name of someone we met)


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