Lord Michael Brance

Leader of Oakwood, the Younger Brance


The newly established Lord of Oakwood, Michael is the brother of the former traitor Lord Brance, who was overthrown by M’tan Eglentrans Ti’al Qu’i’ntis in a halfling revolt. He is a smart leader and in no way as cruel as his brother. He is unmarried and there are rumors about his relationship to his illusionist confidant and advisor, Neskanu.

His lands are being raided by the Knights Hospitaller, which they vigorously deny.

The new Lord Brance holds some resentments to Lord M’tan Eglentrans Ti’al Qu’i’ntis due to his resettlement of his halfling population, however diplomacy between the two seems to be working and he supports the Defense Act now preparing to be heard in Parliament. This support is conditional as long as the Hospitaller problem is being addressed.

Lord Michael Brance

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