Master Thomas

Master Thomas, Steward of Lord William of Wallace


Master Thomas, of Defiant, has been Lord William of Wallace’s steward, since 2001. He visits all of William’s holdings and performs auditing and keeps the vassals honest. A gruff thirty-something who looks much older than his years, Thomas is a refugee of Castle Defiant. Due to the death of the former Reeve of Wallace, Thomas oversaw the fall harvest and introduced M’tan to Lord William. Having very little agricultural knowledge, Thomas was grateful for the help of this newcomer. Now that spring has arrived, Thomas will travel around Wallace and transition his work with M’tan to the new Reeve, Martin, villein of Wallace county.

Gossip about Master Thomas, heard from chambermaids and servants

Brother to the last lord of Defiant, Kerin, Thomas rode through the desert and begged King Conall for help. When the King turned his attention to the usurping Lord Deneral, Thomas continued to Wallace and led a small force across the desert to aid Defiant. He found only refugees with horrifying stories of the sack of Castle Defiant by the invading Orcish hordes. Lady Aurelia, Thomas’ betrothed and daughter of Lord William, was never found. Nor was her brother, Sir Marcus, the only male heir to the Lording of Wallace. Racked with guilt and in mourning, Thomas returned to Wallace bearing the bad news to Lord William. He then spent six years traveling among the elves in the great forest, looking for peace.

Master Thomas

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