Lord William of Wallace


Lord William of Wallace was formerly one of the rebels in the most recent Caithness civil war. A small orcish invasion of his keep forced him to realize threats to Caithness and his own lands came not from the King, but from across the great desert. In the spring of 2011, William brokered a peace with the King and most of his rebel lords in the form of Yrth’s first Parliament.

Wallace contains the only “Iron Keep” in Caithness. In early 2007, M’tan Eglentrans Ti’al Qu’i’ntis and the Joshua Stonemason devised the largest public works project in history to bolster the defenses of Wallace from a supposed invasion from King Conal’s forces. All walls of Wallace keep were turned from stone to iron in a project which took most of the year and only came with the blessing of the local bishop, whose predecessor was exposed as a traitor to Lord Wallace. Additionally, a sturdy earthen wall was raised around the town, turned to stone, then to iron.

William granted Stonemason and Aziz lands in Wallace and made them minor lords.

Lord William of Wallace

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