The Green....

Magic Returns

Magic returns to the world….

Crossing into the OrcLands should have been horrible. It should have caused me fear and moral trepidation (and truly it did) but by the Eternal it was a joy to feel Magic return and feel the Power course through my veins again!

Before we crossed I feared all was lost. Asset we’re preparing to leave the city, Templars arrived. We prepared defenses though the abandoned city, knowing that they would not likely hold. The gnome went out with the Lizard at her back and there they met none other than Jordan Seigebreaker (who the Lizard knew!)

He had come for the engine and was dispirited to discover that we had destroyed it. After much discussion we discovered that he wanted it to assassinate the Emperor, and he the Emporer’s Hand!

Over time I confided in him my relation to the Black Forest and my fear of losing my Self. The honesty with which we approached the situation appealed to him – that along with his desperation caused him to partner with us and soon he and his men had joined us.

Now we press on to free Castle Black then to find help among the Lands to the South. Glory and Death await, but for now, I can feel the Green again. And She is Sweet.



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