M'tan's travels - entry the twenty fifth

Old friends to re-meet and new people with particular habits.

The Parliament continues and, joy of Joys, old friends return! Fuzzytop Pathtreader has returned full of Magical knowledge! What a wonderful development. Additionally, dear old contentious Joshua Tariq Aziz (Aziz) turned up with and interesting brown human. I heard they came in many colors, but I didn’t really know it. I love their pageantry, like the birds of the Deep Forest with different plumage!

We met the Elf who build a wonderful preserve in town, his creations are truly masterworks and I hope to learn from him. Again I’m presented with this damnable prophesy (certainally I cand never return to the Poisoned Forest in case I am the one who brings this alien entity into the world. I learned that the Lady Lleroflyn is a dark elf and that the people at the dinner were destined to become the Chantry of the Land. Neat! I’ve never been around so many other practitioners. Everyone seemed to agree to give it a go. Now it’s back to the business at hand, the Parliament and the Vote! Here’s the numbers as I see them now:


Harkwood – Lleroflyn (wife of Baron Fenmarc) – OURS – dark elves there help against infection and that Blythe had fallen to the LizardMen – Lizard Men are all over the Western Forest – potion for potence
Lady Bronwyn – Durham (gave the King a plaebo) – Count on this vote
King – count on this vote’
Wallace – our beloved friend
Donlis – Lord Marsden – caught for tax evasion (pirates)
Dearwood – Dame Loraina
M’tan – I will certainally vote for my own bill.
Oakwood – Baron Brance


Denton – Baron Cabble – helped prevent the Civil War from re-occuring – (Lord Wallace in money) – racist about Elves
Ferrier – Baron Nabbick
Fordham – Sir Berd
Redhall – Lord Lathan Redbeard
Simonton – Lord Walton
Sterling – Lord Town
Tacitus – Baron Elohar


Photius – Archbishop Siccius

Addendum: An assassin almost killed me, the fire mage burned the guy, I then grabbed him and put him in the tree. Everyone helped keep me alive. Very kind! Now I’m poisoned.



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