M'tan's travels - entry the seventh

So, onto it.

We were moved into the Keep after the combat.

I was feeling a bit put off with the removal of my arm, so I agreed with the suggestion that we all stay in the keep. The halfling Mage erected a tent in the Keep’s main area and invited me to attend her. At the time, I was unaware of Her Magus status and her desire to assist me. (see entry, the sixth) so I told her I would meet with her the next day and I went and sought solace with Elsa. She is a wonderful woman with whom I spent a part of the night, she then left after our cohngicil affair.

It turns our that was a good thing as the next morning Chamberlain Stevens came down and insisted that we attend the breaking of the morning fast with the Lord. I agreed, but requested to check the Bush first. The Chamberlain agreed, but only with me under escort, which, due to recent events, I was more than happy to agree to. After getting the guard together, we headed to the Bush.

They ransacked the Bush. The anger I felt at this was nothing like the misplaced anger I felt with the Humans. They Hurt something Living. Then I went to see my Guest. Dead. He was Murdered in the place I had promised him Sanctuary. I now owe a debt to his family. A debt I must pay. Damn them. The Guards were there, I brought them in and they were off to inform the Reeve.

The idiot ransackers were unfamiliar with Elven hiding places, so I was able to retrieve my money and some of my valuables.

They also destroyed my Garden. This was for them, for the wonderful mistreated Humans who are so appreciative to get some food that gives them nutrients. The destruction of the Garden (not my Garden, the Garden) wss the event that made me Join the Civil War.

I cast a Bless Plant on both the Bush and the Garden (in case I could not return)

The Guards went to Martin and I was instructed to attend the breaking of the Fast with the Lord and Lady. Which I did.



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