M'tan's travels - entry the second

(translated from the elvish)


The more time I spend among the humans to more becomes clearer and the more becomes muddled.

Why do they not clean themselves regularly? I insist on a full cleaning before I bed any of them! By the Eternal, they’ve got water!

The leaders seem to mainly treat the “free” workers as a resource to be exploited. What makes them so docile to accept this? Is it in their nature? Is it their god? I do not know, but it is passing strange.

Events in Town

Some items of news first, Master Thomas, the Steward to Lord Wallace, was acting as the Reive (the name of the office of the person who advises the Lord about what crops to plant, where to dispatch the plow teams and all things agricultural.)

Master Tom came to me to let me know that he would be traveling for the Lord. He seemed almost apologetic when he explained that a human would be taking of the post of Reive. He let me know that the newly appointed Reive, Martin, Reive of Wallace, was in town and would be in charge of my activities, specifically the growing of the rice I wanted to do. He also let me know that he had instructed the Reive to get in touch with me already, but that he was not surprised that he had not done so yet. Apparently Martin, Reive of Wallace might be a bit intimidated by elven folk (specifically a particular Plant Magus.) I assured Master Thomas that my only concern was helping to feed these good folk.

Master Thomas then proceeded to brief me on some of the other influential people in town. Specifically he let me know that the person in charge of the money (the human barter replacement) is Lady Wallace, Bailiff of Wallace.

Included in this discussion was the makeup of the region. He discussed the seven vassals of Lord Wallace and the political makeup of the realm, now that it was mired in a long term Civil War. He explained the huge amounts of acreage they each “own.” (I do not understand owning land.) He let me know that the Lord has a court magus who is a goblin! I’ve never me a goblin. That will be fun. (Sadly, he didn’t know what colleges the magus knew.)

We discussed our survey mission and he agreed to brief Lady Wallace, Bailiff of Wallace. He also let me know that the King’s Ranger, Barry H’ras, The Protector of the King’s Forest would be joining us as a guide, as well as Marly and Edward to act as our guide. We also discussed Elven politics to the South. Apparently there is some concern that Elf’s are becoming too commonplace and attempting to interfere in human politics in the region. I learn of Elven advisors to the South and let Thomas know that the tribe they are from cares only for the forest and would only have left it if it were threatened. (Which is was) I also let him know that if we helped with the forest, those elf’s would likely return. Apparently the vassalage that these Elf’s are influencing is neutral in the Civil War. I suggest that if we helped with the Forest, perhaps the Elf’s would return and the vassalage would swing to Lord Wallace.

When I learned that another elf was here I immediately asked where I could hire a cook. Master Thomas suggested I speak with James, Lord Wallace’s Chamberlain. I sought him out and asked for a reference to a cook, post haste! James was unable to help so I determined to look elsewhere. Among the friends I have made among the serfs.

Before leaving I stopped in to see my lover, Elsa, Head Chambermaid, we coupled then discussed who among the members of the Court were refugees from the Castle Defiant debacle, they include Master Thomas (brother to the Lord of Castle Defiant, Kerin) as well as James. What a horror to have to flee!

Surprise! When I returned to my home Joshua Tariq Aziz, the orcish sounding human with an apparent gift for measurements and all thing engineering asked to move in with me, and I agreed. (Mind you I grew him a separate room with it’s own entrance.)

I went to the serfs to find myself a cook. The name I kept hearing was Maria so I quickly went and hired her. She prepared a wonderful meal for myself, Joshua Tariq Aziz and Barry H’ras. During the course of the meal I learned about Barry and his deep love of the Forest, Joshua’s apparent distaste for women and Maria’s desire to give her daughter a better life. Later I spoke with Sergeant Sven Helsmein and paid him a gold bar to train her daughter to become a knight. Maria was well pleased! Maria also agreed to watch over my home while I was away. Mostly to make sure the children were getting enough fruit and vegetables.

The next day, Joshua Tariq Aziz, Barry H’ras, Sergeant Sven Helsmein, Edward and I were off! I reminded myself of the necessary steps for growing free rice for people now include doing the survey, asking the Reive’s permission and then getting the money from Lady Wallace, Bailiff of Wallace. These humans do love to overcomplicate things!

Events on the Journey

Day 1 – We travel 30 miles and I plant pocket trees, blessing them the whole way. Wonderful weather.

Day 2 – We travel 15 miles and then encounter the Boarder to The Great Desert. Horror. All Mana disappears. I thought Wallace was bad, with it’s low mana, this is Hellishly worse! We make another 5 miles, but that’s all I’m capable of.

Day 3 – Joshua Tariq Aziz wants to make a side trip, will not explain further other than to say there may be limestone, it doesn’t take us too far out of the way, so we all agree. We make 20 miles.

Day 4 – The second day of the side trip. Another 20 miles. We reach an area where a battle occurred. Weird relics from a Banestorm are scattered throughout the desert. Find an iron tube, take it. We discover this is where Joshua Tariq Aziz’s grandfather came through the Banestorm. We also find a large deposit of what appears to be limestone. We camp for the night.

Day 5 – We search further, finding 2 more iron tubes and 30 empty casings or cartridges. We unearth what appears to be a carriage from another world. Later in the day, we discover something unimaginable! What appears to be buried, intact building brought by the Banestorm! By the Eternal, this could advance my research stupendously! I get visibly excited, Barry H’ras wisely calms me, I pretend I made a mistake and the human guards do not seem interested. We all agree to not mark this on the map and return during the project.

Day 6 – 17 – We go about the business of the expedition, discovering foothills with a large basin which could be channelled to Wallace. It has just one valley to pipe through and could go underground from there. Also, there is an easy area in the Northeast area of the manor lands to flood. This would allow fresh water to the castle, the fields, the irrigation system and the serfs! Fantastic news!

The Disastrous Results

Upon my return I finally meet with Martin, Reive of Wallace who summarily dismisses the water works project and the idea of growing rice. I am subservient as I can be, but this does not move him. I magic him some rice for him to examine, which he claims he will consider, but I sincerely doubt it. I return to my hovel, discontent among this race which refuses good work to feed its own people.



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