M'tan's Departure - Entry the 30th

Letters to My Lord

(Written in the Lords Latin on Vellum)

An Open Letter to My Lord,

You are a Cad and I despise your betrayal.

You deserve the Hospitallers you get. Why did you fight so hard against them?

God Help Us All.

In Jesus Christ’s name, the Great Redeemer and the Messiah of Israel,
Lord Quintas

(Written as a Private Letter)

I write this in a state of despair. I have just been turned out. Everything I have done seems to have been thown away.

Then I looked to my Garden. I always grow a wild garden and watch it. Now I have learned to watch it.

What is an Enemy?

- Someone who desires your end for no other reason than for your end.

What is an Ally?

- Someone who’s interests are aligned with yours, for a specific (or multiple) defined instances.

What is a Reliable Ally?

- Someone who communicates with you when your interests are becoming mis-aligned.

What is an Unreliable Ally?

- Someone who does not communicate with you when you interests are becoming mis-aligned.

What is a Fool?

- Someone who mistakes an Ally for a Friend and does not believe an Ally could be Unreliable.

What is a Greater Fool?

- Someone who thinks a Fool is incapable of learning.

What is a Cause for Caution

- Someone who relied on a Magical Power he does not control.
- Someone who then replaced it with a Temporal Power his family had already failed to control.

God Help Us All.

In Jesus Christ’s name, the Great Redeemer and the Messiah of Israel,
Lord Quintas

(Written in Invisible Ink, keyed to his touch)


This Fool once thought you to be his Lord and Friend. As time went on, I believed you to be his Ally. After your betrayal I, initially thought you were my Enemy. I no longer think this, I now hope you may have the potential to be an Unreliable Ally.

Give me my wealth, my people (the halflings and those humans who are would be persecuted because of their association with me), and the forest, The Western Forests (Obviously I will not secure them for you now, in fact the elven troops I spend years raising should be a factor you strongly consider) Of course, I do not my old lands, cease them in a sign of strength, I pray (I do) that it helps you in your slow surrender to the Church – and I will give you what you desire, my retirement (you may celebrate it as my Death) – unless you cross the Forest Line. Then there will be a Cause for Caution.

I built tall trees and abundant crops because I was young and foolish. I desired to display my most basic of tricks. I desired to help all living things. That desire no longer lives in me.

I want to live in my forest with my citizens (expel them because of me) – I will (in another guise) continue to support me. Deny me and there will be blood to pay, I am still young, and I am still foolish.

If harm comes to Aziz or any of those who have sworn loyalty to me, we are at War. Instead of that you could banish my vassals to the Western Wood, I will take them in without publicity or malice. No one will fault you, in fact, the Hospitallers may praise you for it. You taught me both the holiness of the feudal vow, and the lie of it. I choose to stay true to it and I hold you, my Lord, to stay true to that part, at least.

You sought, and failed to prevent a Civil War. I turned the tide.

But imagine if the War you tried so hard to avoid doesn’t come from the people. What if it came from the Plants. The Earth. The Water. Worse yet, from a foolish youth that you have taken advantage of – imagine if that youthful excess was moved against you. You’ve seen it. I did it for all your defenses. Take my title, take my lands, take (to the public) my life – give me my serfs, my émigrés’, my wealth and will leave you. Remember the joy we felt when the walls came down and the plants ate our enemies. That was Just. Let us agree to never meet again and be on the side of Justice.

God Help Us All.

In Jesus Christ’s name, the Great Redeemer and the Messiah of Israel,
Your Fool,


This was written right after the “entry the 26th” – M’tan destroyed many of his entries.

This is a jumping off point for the year gap – and the questions I posed on fb are still valid!

Also, nice update to the page!

M'tan's Departure - Entry the 30th

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