A King’s Betrayal

Three simple words uttered from the mouth of a King desperate to save his Kingdom from yet another civil war. Three simple words were supposed to unite his men and martyr the dead.

Lord M’tan Eglentrans Ti’al Qu’i’ntis became the source of enmity among the King’s vassals. Fearful and jealous of the powerful mage, many of them petitioned the King to solve the elvish problem once and for all or they would turn their backs on him. They threatened to petition the Hospitallers for help to destroy the King who, they say, has turned his back on man.

The King would not allow any further infection of intolerance from those Knights of the White Cross. Lord Quintis was instrumental in attracting non-human settlers to Caithness. Good and kind settlers who proved their mettle across the hard lands and earned their status in the Kingdom. The vehemently speciesist Hospitallers made clear their opposition to continued non-human settlements in Caithness, even more so now the horrors in the south had been uncovered.

With three simple words, Conall gambled that Lord Quintis, M’tan as he had called him, would be martyred, the Hospitallers could be blamed, and the Kingdom united.

Thus, with a heavy heart spake King of Caithness, Conall the sixth of his legacy…

“Kill the Elf”

Welcome to “The Geeks” Banestorm campaign.

This campaign began in Caithness, Yrth, 2005. Three years later, the main characters Lord M’tan (Quintis) and Lord Aziz, find themselves again caught in a civil war.

This is a GURPS game where the characters began with 150 points, with up to 75 points in disadvantages and 5 points in quirks.

Caithness Map


M’tan Eglentrans Ti’al Qu’i’ntis

Joshua Tariq Aziz

Fuzzytop Pathtreader


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